Thursday, January 20, 2005

Protesting the Presidential Inauguration

The crazy liberals are at it again today by protesting the Presidential Inauguration in a variety of ways. In New Orleans' French Quarter there was a "jazz funeral for democracy" while others read the names of dead American's who have died.

I too morn those who have heroically given their life to keep this great country save. They are my heros and my heart aches for what they must be going through. However, if the crazy's want to read the names of lost soldiers why don't they read the millions of unnamed babies who have been killed before they were even given a chance at life? Or, why don't they read the names of all the people Saddam Hussein killed during his reign as an evil dictator?

I get so frustrated with people who don't see the big picture. Yes, we are losing soldiers and it saddens me tremendously, but what about all those people who have been liberated? To me the glass is half full, what about you?

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