Friday, February 04, 2005

We de-clawed our kitties

We had our two kitties, Tango and Cash, de-clawed on Wednesday. People say you should do it when they are young but what they really mean is do it when they are small. Our cats are only 10 months old and Tango weights 12 lbs. and Cash weights 10. Yes, we have big kitties.

They have been at the vets for two days now and they are still having problems because they are so large. I hope they can come home to tonight. I miss the snuggling.

Some say it is inhumane to de-claw cats, however I think it is far more inhumane when they ruin my new leather couch (no I didn't buy a new leather couch but I will some day) and I throw them across the room. They have managed to ruin our old couch we bought for $75 in college. They are indoor kitties and they don't need their claws. Don't hate me tree huggers but when I buy new furniture I want it to look nice. Call me cruel but at least my furniture will look good.

Another reason to have the kitties de-clawed is one day I want to have babies. Not at all in the near future but within the next 10 years and I don't want to worry about the precious kitties accidentally scratching my precious babies. The are cats, they would eat garbage if we let them, they will survive.

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