Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So busy!

Jon and I have been crazy lately working all over the country and trying to do all the paper work and finish things up so we can close on our new house. Early last week we were in NY then midweek we flew to Seattle to attend my cousins wedding, Sunday night we flew back to LA. We are home for two days before we head off to Rhode Island to work on another movie. From RI we drive to NJ on Friday night so we can attend my sister-in-laws bridal show on Saturday, then on Sunday we fly back to LA. I am home for two days before I fly to Utah to work on yet another movie for a few days. Jon is not going to Utah so he will be home moving out of our current apartment into our new house. Crazy Crazy!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Watch CSI:NY

Remember when my friend Bryan Anderson was in town filming CSI:NY well the episode he worked on is airing tomorrow night. He is a guest star in the show and it is his acting debut, so make sure you watch Wednesday night at 10pm on CBS.

We love to Work!

Since the strike has ended with the writers Jon and I have been busy working which is great since we took the plunge and bought a house. I have been working on the TV show Moonlight on CBS and Jon has worked on the TV show Numbers and a moved called Avatar. We fly out the end of this week to work in NY on a movie called The Taking of Pelham 123. We have a few other things in the pipe line so hopefully they will work out.