Thursday, March 20, 2008

Work and a House

It is crazy just how busy my world is and I don't have a regular job. This week Jon worked on the show Numbers and I worked doing some motion capture which was really cool. They actually did facial capture. They put the little dots all over my face and the computer can captures all my facial movement. It is pretty cool.

We put an offer on a townhouse that was a forclosure and it was accepted yesterday! It is a GREAT deal and we are so excited. It is 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, two stories, two car garage, 9 foot vaulded cealings both downstairs and up, 1700 sq feet not including the garage, speakers in the ceiling for music all over the house, a giant master bath with a huge tub and seperate shower and a seprate room for the toilet, a huge walk in closet, it backs up to the pool, it is an end unit, we have great friends who live on the other side of the pool, a nice patio where we can actually plant some flowers, did I mention it was a great deal! So hopefully all will work out and we will close on April 25. I am not excited about the next month because I hate contracts and all that. I feel like such a grown up.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So Much to Catch Up On

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. I have honestly meant to write but have been soooo busy that I have barely have time to sleep. Where to start...Jon has been working on a cool project called Tintin which is directed by both Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg. Talk about a very cool project to work on. Two of the biggest directors ever and he is work with them both.

My friend Brian Anderson was in town last week (my friend who is the triple amputee from Iraq) because he was working on CSY:NY as a guest start. We hung out a bit and were able to grab dinner one night. It was great to see him. He really is a great guy. Make sure you look for him on CSI:NY it is his acting debut.

I worked on a commercial today. It was fun because it was a period piece and I was actually a princess. I had the royal robe, crown and drag queen make up. It really was a fun shoot. The commercial is European so it won't air in the US so you won't get to see it.

We have been shopping for a house which has really been taking up most of my time. Between dealing with shady mortgage brokers, looking at houses and trying to figure out what will be a good investment I have little time for anything else. It seems to be a pretty good time to buy in California and we aren't trying to sell anything so we figured we would begin the journey. Not so much fun, I will be honest.