Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Jon and I have been staying very busy as usual. I have worked on some new shows I have never worked on before (Desperate Housewives, Hawthorn, House, a new NBC show called Community and others). I am in the second episode of Community playing myself. It is a funny stunt so make sure to watch when the show comes out in the fall. I got to work with Chevy Chase which was pretty cool. Other stunts I have done have been crowd surfing, playing a chimpanzee, stunt driving and other fun stuff.

Friday I am headed to Iowa for two weeks to work on a movie. I have never been to Iowa and am not sure what to expect. I will be working time long hours most of the so I am sure I will be just sleeping on my time off. I should be fun though.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My 10 Year Reunion

I just got back from a week long trip to Washington for my 10 year class reunion. Last Thursday we flew into Pasco Washington because my elementary school's friend husband is a wine maker and they own a winery near there. We spent the day Thursday tasting wine from the barrels of their storage room and going to different tasting rooms around the are. How many times in your life can you drink wine from the barrel with the wine maker? He was telling us how he made the wines and tons of information about wine making in general. We learned so much.

Friday we spent the day on the Columbia river with some other friends of mine playing on a boat. On Saturday, before the reunion, we hung out at another friends of mine parents house and had a few beers. It still feels weird legally drinking around my high school friends parents. I think the highlight of the pre-party was when a girl I grew up with opened a beer with a can of chew. That was awesome!

Since the reunion was about 12 miles out in the country at a barn (yes our reunion was at a barn and hay bales were our chairs, so fun) and no one wanted to drive, we ended up renting a limo. Later I learned that this was some of my friends first time in a limo. Small towns are so cute!

The reunion it self was very fun. When I told people I was going to my 10 year reunion they said that it was going to be a brag fest but it wasn't. It felt to me like everyone was genuinely happy to see everyone.

I think the weirdest part for me was that a lot of people seemed old (aka very mature), not so much in apperance but in life. I think "real" jobs and the "real"world makes you have to grow up where as I live in a fantasy world where really no one grows up. That to me was the strangest part. I think LA is like Neverland, you don't grow up. I am very glad I went and look forward to the 20 year reunion!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hard at work

I got back from Lake Havasu AZ last week and have been working on other shows here in LA (Heroes and a new show called Hawthorn). Jon is still in Havasu working until the end of the month. We had the most amazing time there. At one point there was like 40 stunt people working and most of them young and super fun. We had such a great time. It is jobs like this that you need to balance out the ones when you leave work in an ambulance.

We spent everyday outside working in the water which was great because it was very hot and the water felt great. It isn't very often that Jon and I get to work together on location so we really enjoyed this job. We were working 6 days a week but on our day off we rented boats and played on the water some more. Here is a picture of me on set and another picture on our day off just having some fun. The picture with Jonny is at a party the production threw for the cast and crew. It was a good time.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Back in Havasu

Yesterday (yes my birthday) we drove back to Lake Havasu City AZ to get back to work on the movie Pirhana 3D. We are both working on the movie and will be here until mid June. Jon is now double two different guys and I am playing a cheerleader and will do some other stunt work in a big scene.

I really can't tell you how much fun it is to be on location working together. It feels like a vacation with some work through in there and they give us each $60 a day for food. Wish I was eating more I would really enjoy that but I will just use it to get spa stuff (dieting for a few weeks for my bikini scene next week, yikes!). Here are a few pics from my work last time I was here with the other cheerleader girls.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Turning 28...

Tomorrow I turn 28. I must say it is strange getting older. I am really enjoying my 20's and the freedom that comes with age. As I get older I become more aware and confident in who I am and who I strive to be.

I have the most amazing life, I really do. I sometimes sit and think about what else I need and I feel like I have it all. A great husband, family, friends, job, house, dogs, my health, ect. I feel so blessed. This year really has been a great year for me. Life just keeps getting better. Even though the wrinkles are starting to show I don't mind too much. I have earned every one from the smiles of my great life. Thank you God for my amazing life and may the smiles of life continue!

Monday, May 25, 2009

6 years and conting...

Today is our 6th year wedding anniversary! I really can't believe we have been married so long. It is crazy how time passes so quickly. We have had such an amazing 6 years. We have lived such great lives and have had such great times. I enjoy each and everyday with my mate and look forward to many more anniversaries.

Each year we try and do something fun for our anniversary, this year a few of our friends came with us to Santa Barbara CA to do wine tasting and dinner. We took the train to Santa Barbara along the coast which was such a pretty train ride. We had a great day. Thanks to all those who wished us well today. I am always amazed how many people remember our anniversary and call us.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a day...

I ended up having to come out to Lake Havasu a day early for a wardrobe fitting so I had to drive out here by myself yesterday. Jon drove out today so he could stay and go to the stunt awards last night. Remember when my car got broken into a few weeks back well, ever since then when I work out I only bring my wallet in the car with me. Yesterday I went to spin class before my 4 and half long drive and put my wallet like usual in the middle consil.

It wasn't until I was in the middle of nowhere and thinking about needing gas that I realaized that I left my wallet in my other car! I think my heart actually stopped. No money, no gas, no ID...nothing! I didn't know what to do so I pulled off the freeway at the next exit and pulled over in this neighborhood to try and figure out what to do. I didn't have enough gas to make it home or to the lake. I called Jon, mom, dad, sister, brother in one answered, so I started crying because I felt so helpless.

I didn't know what to do so I looked around and decided that maybe someone will help me. I did the math and needed about $20 in gas to make it to the lake for my 4pm wardrobe fitting. Crying I walked up to someone house and knocked on the door. I didn't even know what to say my story sounded too unbeliveable. A woman came to the door but only opened it a bit. She wasn't friendly at all and looked at me like I was crazy. She said she couldn't help me but the lady next door was a cop and she might be able to.

The lady next door was just barely nicer and not willing to help me and told me to try across the street. With my ego totally gone my face full of tears and my head hung I knocked in the thrid house. A cute mom, two teenagers and the dad all answered. I began telling them my story and they looked very simpathetic. (I totally pulled the I am a stuntwoman card trying to get to the movie I was working on, I was desperate) The mom said she dosn't carry cash usually but said she would check here purse. All she had was $10 so the teenage girl ran to her room and she had $5! I was so greatfull $15 never felt like so much money. I had these nice things, nice car, nice purse, ipod, but really it ment nothing when I didn't have acutal money. I began crying more becasue they were soooo nice. I aksed for their address to send them a check when I got home and they wouldn't give it to me. They said they were happy to help. I really couldn't belive it. (before I left I asked to use the bathroom :) for those who know me that is totally something I would do)

With their $15 and the $1 I had in my purse I might, I mean might be able to make it, so I got back on the freeway. I slowed my speed down to save on gas milage and turned the ac off when I went up hills. It was such a weird feeling, I am in the middle of the mohavie dessert with no money, by myself, not knowing if I will make it.

The next two hours or so were so stressful. I am watching the clocking knowing I need to be there at 4 and watching my mileage on my navigation checking I will make it. I kid you not, I made it here at 3:55pm and my navigation said I had 2 miles until I ran out of gas! Can you belive it. It was so sureal. I really didn't know if I would make it or not.

I am so grateful to that family who helped me. The world needs more people like them. I still can't belive I went door to door crying and aksing for money. What a day!

Monday, May 11, 2009


This Friday I do a stair fall on Ghost Whisperer doubling a guest star but I also double Jennifer in the episode in a different scene.

This Saturday is the World Stunt Awards which is the stunt community awards show aka our Oscars. It is always a fun time and usually it is televised on one of the cable channels like A&E but due to the economy our sponsors cut back on the funding. It still will be a fun time and is always followed by a great party.

On Sunday we are headed to Lake Havasu AZ to work on a movie called Piranha 3-D. Both Jon and I will be working on the film off and on for the next month. We both are doing a couple different things. Jon is doubling one of the stars and is playing himself in a big water scene and I was cast as a cheerleader and will also be doing some water stuff as just a college girl. It should be fun! We always have a great time working together but being on location ends up feeling like a vacation with some work thrown in there.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Obsessed stuff

I hope you all went and watch Obsessed! It was number 1 the weekend it came out. Here a picture from the high fall into the glass table I did. This was take three of the fall and the last shot of a 17 hour day which I was in every shot and the last day of the movie. I was pretty beat up at this point from the fight and bloody from the glass I was laying in . You can tell from the look on my face I was tired and worn out. I think I slept for a week straight after we wrapped. I still have a scar on my arm from this take from the glass. We were only suppose to do this shot twice but on the first take all 5 cameras missed my fall so I had to do it again which I was fine with because more times equals more money!

The other picture is of me rehearsing the fall through the ceiling, chandelier stuff and the fall into the table.

This was such a great movie to work on. I really had to push myself to my limits but I has such an amazing time. Here is an interview where Ali talks about the stunt work and mentions me. It is about 30 seconds into the video.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Robbed again...and again...and again...and again

I am so over being robbed. Today my friend and I went on a hike and when we go back to my car, the window was broken and both of our purses where stolen. (BTW my purse was hidden under the seat) Yeah everything gone, my drivers license, my social security card (don't tell me I shouldn't keep my ss card and driv. license together I know but I had to because I just worked and you need both pieces of ID for the employment paperwork), over a thousand dollars in cash and check and gift cars, my fancy make up, my Burburry glasses, my great purse, all my credit cars, my insurance cards, and on and on and on...

I have had two cars stolen and now my car broken into and my purse stolen twice. That makes 4 times having thousands of dollars stolen from me. Not counting last month when Jon was in Hawaii working on Lost he put his per deim and wedding ring in the safe of the hotel room and they were stolen. I am sooooooo over being robbed. It really pisses me off. I work so hard for my money and to have it taken from me by slimy people who don't work for it is the worst feeling.

I will be spending the rest of the week doing all the work that comes with having your world stolen, new drivers license, new ss card, new credit cards, file an alert the with credit companies in case they try to steel my ID, new glasses and contacts, new purse, cancel the checks I had in my purse, get my window of my SUV fixed, and on and on... fun times.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chick Fight in Obsessed

That is what they are saying about the new movie I did last year called Obsessed which opens this Friday April 24th. I was Ali Larter's stunt double in this movie. We have a huge fight with Beyonce at the end of the movie. I did some of my hardest stunts on that movie. I am not sure how the stunts will look, it seems they always edit the crap out of the stunts. I heard the fight is much shorter than what we actually shot but hopefully it is still fun.

Ali, Beyonce and Beyonce's stunt double were great to work with. We had a lot of fun doing the fight. Beyonce was so great, I think in part to her being a dancer. She learned the fight fast and did a great job. She was very sweet and professional on the set. Ali was great too. She really made this character believable. It was fun to watch her work.

Ali did an interview about Obsessed and here is what she had to say about the fight:

"How much of the stunts are done by you?

Ali Larter: Umm about half. I have an amazing stunt double - Heather! I have a huge fight sequence in “Obsessed” with me and Beyonce and she was able to work in that also. Heather makes me look so good!!"

To read the full interview click here

Thanks Ali! It was fun. So go watch the movie and let me know your thoughts! Remember when you are watching the movie I did all this stuff in very little wardrobe aka I couldn't wear stunt pads. Oh the life of a stunt girl.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jonny Heads Down Under

At about 1 pm today a friend of Jonny's called him and asked him if he wanted to fly to Australia to visit a mutual friend of ours who lives there. Jonny answered "Sure, when were you thinking about going?" and out friend responded "How about tonight?" Long story short I took Jon and his friend to the airport about an hour ago to fly to Australia on a flight they booked today. It is crazy the life we lead. I feel you have to do these crazy things in life and embrace great opportunities that come our way. That is truly what makes life great!

I was of course invited but I have to work the rest of the week and next week I have 8 woman from my family (aunts, cousin, cousin's daughter, cousin's girlfriend, sister and mom) coming to stay at my house for 5 days for a woman's weekend. It should be a really fun time. We have some great things planned for when they are here including Disneyland, nice dinners at great restaurants in LA, at home spa day and much more. It should be a fun time.

I am so excited for Jon. I told him to take lots of pictures and I will have him do a write up on his trip once he gets home.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun Times

Jon and I had company in town from New Jersey this weekend. We had a lot of fun and did some great tourist stuff. The highlight for me was an indoor sky diving chamber called iFly. Basically it is a chamber that simulates what it would feel like sky diving and flying in the air. It was soooo much fun. If feels like you are floating in the air. I totally recommend it.

I am working this week on Criminal Minds which has been fun. It is my first time I have worked on that show. I like the premise so I may actually end up checking it out.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Hawaii

Last minute I decided to fly to Hawaii to see Jon because he was here working on Lost. He extended his trip (he was done Tuesday night) so we could take a mini vacation. We spent the last couple of days at a nice resort in Wakiki which was funny since we lived like a half a mile from where we were staying. We had a really great relaxing time. There were two other family friends of our that were on vacation too. We had a really great time.

Today every one went home except me, I flew to Kona to see my dad, sister and step mom. I will be here until Wednesday enjoying my family.

It is always hard to leave town because of work. Since I have been here I have had 4 work calls. I guess at some point you just have to live life knowing there will always be another job.

Here is a fight I did a while ago for a movie called Stiletto. They cut it so much on the editing table it makes it hard to understand but I figured I would share it with you all. I am doubling the blonde girl...

Here is the post where I mentioned this movie and posted a view click here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


My stair fall went great on Friday. I still laugh at my self that I do things like throw myself down a stair case and love it. I know it is weird. Jon is still in Hawaii. I miss him so much but am happy he is working.

Cali the new dog is settling in fine. Her and Jon's movie came out this weekend, I love you man. I haven't seen it yet but will on Tuesday. I am still sick but I think I may be getting better, I hope anyway.

We got a new bedroom furniture set this week. I feel like such a grown up. Jon and I have been so transient since we have been together that we have never bought a bedroom set. We literally leave our cloths on the floor in closet in stacks but not anymore with our new dresser. We are so grown up. Hers is a picture of our new bed room furniture.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Jon is in Hawaii working on Lost. He left on Sunday and won't get back until some time next week. I am work a few days this week including a stair fall on Friday which should be fun.

Last night when I got off work after midnight sometime I blew a tire. I was stuck on the side of the road for over an hour. Not my favorite place to be with all the drunks on the road for St. Patrick's day.

I have been sick and trying to get over bronchitis for over 10 days. I hate being sick. I haven't worked out in forever which is really hard for me because I usually so am active. I have been stuck at home but on the bright side I have been able to hang out with my new dog, Cali. She is super sweet and fitting right in.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Reminder...

I came across this article about Daniel Radcliffe's aka Harry Potter, stunt double who was seriously injured on the set of the new Harry Potter movie. He just learned he will never walk again. I can't imagine how hard it is for an athlete to hear that news. My heart and prayers go out to him. Here is the article...

"Radcliffe's Stunt Double 'Paralysed'
15 March 2009 7:15 AM, PDT - source IMDB

Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double wept after he was told he will never walk again following an accident on the set of the new Harry Potter movie, according to reports.
David Holmes was hospitalised in January with a back injury after falling from a harness at Leavesden Studios, near Watford, Hertfordshire, where he was practising flying scenes for the forthcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
The 25-year-old had surgery at the hospital, which specialises in spinal injuries.

Holmes' family published a message on his personal Facebook page to let friends know he was confident of a recovery: "David wants to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and wishes. And don't worry... the stunt-runt will be back."

But now doctors have delivered the devastating news that Holmes will be confined to a wheelchair and will never be able to walk again, according to Britain's The People newspaper.
A source tells the publication, "David is struggling to come to terms with the news. It's terrible news but his family and friends are trying to offer him as much support as they can.

"He is young and was very good at his job. But his life will be completely altered now."
But Holmes refuses to give up hope, despite the doctors' diagnosis.
The source adds, "Although David has been told he'll never walk again he is still not giving up hope. Deep down he knows it's unlikely but it's still early days and so he's not giving up completely."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our New Dog...

Not sure what possesed us but Jon and I got a new dog but she is not just any dog she is staring in the upcoming movie I love You Man. You may have seen her in the previews but if not she is a super cute puggle that is about the same age as the puggle we already have. We got her today on a trail basis to see how she fits into our family. We have an agreement with the studio that she is our dog unless they need her for another movie and in that case she would work and then come home after the show. She is our movie star dog. If you want to see the trailer she is in click on the image below.

The best part of the story is Jon doubled the star of I Love You Man, Paul Rudd. Unfortunatly they cut most all of his stunts out but you will be able to see them on the deleted scenes on the DVD. Jon actually met our new dog on the movie set last year. Strange how small this business is. Her name was Jewel but we changed it to Cali for California. She is our California girl. Make sure you go see the new movie I love You Man that opens March 20 to see Cali and Jon!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jon's at Racing school

Anyone who as ever driven with Jon knows how much he loves to drive fast, very fast. Well this week he is at Bondurant Driving School a car racing school. It is a 4 day long course in Phoenix, AZ. He is having a blast! We both have been to stunt driving school where they teach you how to shake the tires loose with control, now he is learning a ton of detail on how to not shake the car loose while driving at crazy speeds and driving very fast cars. Tomorrow in fact I think he gets to drive the F-1 style Formula cars. He is lovin' it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars

I must say I love movies, I love going to movies, I love working in movies and I love the Oscars. Hugh Jackman was a great host. I was super happy Slumdog won best picture. That was one of the best movies in a long time. If you haven't seen it go see it.

As I sit here tonight watching the different departments that make up a movie get celebrated I can't help but wonder when will stunt people be acknowledged? How do you balance not ruining the illusion with giving credit to the talented people who make all those action sequences so amazing. Will Smith was on stage tonight and gave a tribute to action movie sequences but made no mention of the stunt people who made that happen. We have been fighting for years to be included in the oscars but get denied. It was just last year that we were included in the SAG awards.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jon on Grey's Anatomy tonight

Sorry I didn't post earlier but this episode sneaked up on me. Jon is on the Grey's Anatomy tonight doubling McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey.

Here is a picture of Jon and working this week. I was playing an old lady and Jon had to tackle me. It was pretty fun. I kept telling him it was ok to really hit me but he didn't feel right. I said I would rather you hit me hard once then go easy on me and not get it. Not many people's wife's tell them to tackle them harder. What a strange and amazing life!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Friday

I am on Ghost Whisperer this Friday at 8pm on CBS. I usually double Jennifer Love Hewitt but on this episode I am doubling a guest star. This was the stunt I did right before Thanksgiving that gave me a limp for week and a 10 inch long scar on my leg. I am sure it won't look as hard core as it was but it was one of the more technical stunts I have done. I will let you know exactly what I did after the episode airs but chances are you will spot me.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Work Pics

Here is a picture from Heroes. I think this is from the episode that aired this last week. When I first came to work they handed me a bra and panties and they said this was my wardrobe. I was like freaking out not ready for my bikini close up but they decided to add this lovely robe. It was the nicest, softest robe I have ever felt. I loved it and wanted to buy one. Here is a picture of me and the other SWAT stunt guys.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am a winner!

I am happy to say that I won my first award as a stuntwoman...I won a SAG Award! The award show was last weekend and I haven't had a chance to tell you guys (due to my surgery). I along with 15 or so other won a SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series for Heroes. I double Ali Larter as well as a few guest stars that have come on the show. I was nominated last year for Lost but we didn't win.

Last year was the first year that stunts were acknowledge at the SAG Awards (SAG stands for Screen Actors Guild which is the union all stunt people and actors are a part of). We are the only winners not announced at the televised show. Sometimes I think Hollywood doesn't want to ruin the illusion that there are stunt people. Some people get up set by that and others are ok with being behind the scenes.

I am just happy to have won!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wisdom Teeth

Not sure why they call them wisdom teeth but I am having surgery to remove all 4 of them today. Not very excited about it but I am happy to not have my mouth hurt. Pray for a quick recovery because I have to work Thursday night.

Jon worked yesterday and accidental got punched in the face. He took one right in the nose. I guess it all comes with the job. Everyone wants to be a stuntman until they get hurt.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catching Up

It has been forever since I last posted. Sorry...the holiday times just get crazy. To catch you up first off, Jon and I worked on the movie the Wrester last year. Do you remember last year when I wrote about my friend Brian who was the triple amputee? That was the movie I worked on with him. It is great to see how well the movie did. The director was really nice and you could just tell he had a vision of what he wanted. If you do see it prepare yourself for a lot of nudity.

Jon and I have started the new year out with well with work. We have both been working which is great. Jon has worked on CSI:NY and Grey's Anatomy and I have been working on Ghost Whisperer. Next week we both will be doing motion capture for a video game. Work is good!

Last week our dog got poised somehow by something she ate. She almost died it was so scary. We rushed her to the pet hospital and they kept her over night. She is fine now but it was really scary. I can't imagine having a kid that got sick when I was so upset by my dog. Crazy how much you love we love our dog.