Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Tuscany Italy!

We are having the most amazing time in Europe! So far we have been to London, Paris, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Florence and now we are in a Villa in Tuscany. I cant even begin to tell what an amazing time we are having. I will write in detail all about our trip when I get back home but I will tell you Jonny got to drive a Ferrari in Monte Carlo on the F1 track. Anyone who knows Jon knows that was like a life time dream come true.

I think for me I am most enjoying the food. We keep saying we are eating our way through Europe. I definitely will have to diet when I get home or the actresses will fire me, but until then I am enjoying every second. One of my highlights so far was the Eiffel tower all lite up at night. It was so romantic being there with Jon. I have been to the Eiffel town when I was in High School but having my husband there was just amazing and it was all light up so beautiful. It just twinkled.

I am also loving Tuscany. I cant wait to come back. Tomorrow we are headed to Rome and on Saturday we are headed to Spain. I miss my dog but I am so loving this trip! (This is a picture of where we are staying in Tuscany)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vacation time!

Jon and I have been working like crazy this year with little time off and have decided to take a vacation. We are headed to Europe for 2 weeks! I am so excited. With buying a new house, fixing it up and working I am so in need of a vacation. It is hard to turn work down for a vacation (it is my first time turning work down for personal reasons ever!) but I guess you have to do it. In our jobs we don't get 2 weeks paid vacation or anything like that. You only get paid when you work.

We leave tomorrow and start our trip off in London then Paris, Cannes (southern France), Monaco, Florence (staying in Tuscany), Rome and that is just the first 8 days. From Rome we head to Marbella Spain for a week on the Mediterranean in a villa.

I am especially excited to go back to Spain because we will be staying only 30 miles away from Malaga where I decided Jon was the man for me. The summer before we were married we lived in Malaga for the summer and lived in a youth hostel and had the most amazing time. I have a couple of restaurants I am really excited about going back to.

There are 4 of us going on the trip, Jon, me, Rita Jon's mom and our friend Amy. It will be Jon with three ladies traveling around Europe. It should be an amazing adventure! I will be sure to share pictures and stories once I get back.

Monday, September 08, 2008

In case you missed it

In case you missed the VMA's last night here is the link to the Pink performance I was in.
I am walking behind her during the barrels sparking. You can tell it is me because I have on the skirt. They wanted the brunettes in the front so that is why it is hard to see me.

Here are two pictures from the VMA's. There are a bunch more but my friend is emailing me so when I get those I will post them. We got one with Pink after the show. It was so much fun! Pink was so nice and great to work with. Backstage they were serving Dom Perignon champagne which is always a treat. Probably one of funnest jobs.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

On the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday Night

I am working on the MTV Video Music Awards that air live tonight. I am not doing anything crazy but it should be a really fun day of work. Award shows are always fun. I am in the Pink (the singer) performance so look for me however I really doubt you will be able to see me. I am going to be in punk rock cloths which is very much out side my element so it will be like Halloween. I am excited!