Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We are in Washington State with my family enjoying the Christmas season. We are having an amazing time. Last night we went sledding with my cousins and after our wonderful dinner we sang Christmas songs by the fire. It was picture perfect! 

Getting to Washington was quite an adventure. The Pacific Northwest got dumped on with snow last weekend. We were suppose to fly in Sunday night but along with every other flight our flight got canceled. We were rescheduled to fly out Monday. Due to airport delays it took us 14 hours to get to my mom's house. Which included waiting two and half hours at the airport for our luggage which never came. On the way from the the airport to my mom's house the chains on the car broke which added to our already long day. 

The next day Jon went back to the airport and they found his bag, however they never found mine. They still don't know where my bags are 5 days later.  The next day Jon was at the store shopping for toiletries and our credit card got denied. I called the credit card company and they wanted to confirm some recent charges. It ends up someone in Florida has been using our credit card. Merry Christmas! Lost bags and stolen credit cards. Gotta love the season. 

In the end I am just super happy to have made it home. You can't beat sledding and fires with carols!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Up coming movies

Jon and I both have movies we doubled lead actors in coming out this coming spring. Both of these movies just released the trailers.

Jon doubled Paul Rudd in the upcoming comedy I Love you Man which looks very funny. Here is the trailer for the movie, click here to watch. He did his hardest stunt to date in this movie. I can't tell you what it is but you will have to watch the movie to see.

I worked for about two months on a movie called Obsessed starting Beyonce and the girl I doubled, Ali Larter. I did my hardest stunts to date in this movie I can't tell you what they all are but you can see a taste of them in the trailer. In the trailer you can see me get thrown to the ground by Beyonce, falling through the ceiling and a few other things. If you want to watch the trailer click here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Work VS Life?

When I was in the business world sitting behind a desk this question was easy, life. However, in show biz this question is a bit more complicated. In our jobs we don't usually work everyday. Works seems to come and go, sometimes you are so busy and other times you are wondering if the phone will ring again. It is a very strange world to live in.

I turned down thousands of dollars of work to go to Europe in September. Some may think that is crazy but I choose to live my life. However, I got a call to work Wednesday before Thanksgiving meaning my plans I had made to fly to see family would have to be changed for work.

Would you change your holiday plans for a few thousand dollars? It is a tough question. One I have to deal with often. It seems I end up putting a price tag on my time. You have to make plans knowing they may be changed. When I went to Europe in September no amount of money would have made me miss my trip. In this economy you really have to take work when it comes. I feel very very very blessed to have a home and not be worried about paying my bills. This type of live makes it very hard to make plans.

One of my friends almost missed his wedding because he got a staring role in a huge movie. What would you do? I choose life but sometimes you have to balance that with work. I don't need millions and millions I just need my family, God and my husband the rest just falls into place, but that is just my priorities. I have learned in my 27 years money doesn't buy happieness but it can take you to Europe and help you buy a house.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


California is burning up. This picture was taken with Jon's camera phone just outside our house. Luckily the winds are not blowing in our direction, however they closed down the freeway from our house to downtown LA. Jon has to work tonight and we are not really sure how he is going to get there. Hopefully they will open the freeway up soon. Crazy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy Weekend

My cousin and his wife were in town this weekend from Seattle. We had a very busy time. We took them to Disneyland, a party at a friends house, a benefit wine/cheese tasting party, a comedy show, Hollywood Haunt (a Halloween Party in Hollywood thrown by the one and only V), and gave them the full LA tour. It was fun. We gave them a taste of a normal weekend with Jon and Heather.

Here is a picture from the Hollywood Haunt Halloween party (it is a very candid picture the photographer at the party took). It was great fun however it feels like Halloween in Hollywood is just an excuse for girls to dress skanky. As for me, I dressed up like a little kid and whore my onesy pj's (you know what little kids where with the feet built in and the zipper that starts below your knee, you know you whore it as a kid) and Jon was a guido from New Jersey. We didn't have much time to prepare costumes so this is what we came up with. It was a good time!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last night when we were driving home from visiting a set we saw in the distance a bright orange light in the night sky. It seemed far away but yet very close. As we got closer we realized that the orange light was a fire and we were headed right for it. The fire was directly next to the freeway on our drive home. (the picture above is what it looked like when we were driving up to it and the picture below was up next to it, taken from my camera phone)

We pulled over to take some pictures. I couldn't believe how close we were to a real fire. We could feel the heat. We were so surprised they didn't close the freeway down since it as literally touching the cement wall that separated us from the fire. After a few pictures we took off and learned later that minutes after we left they closed the freeway down for hours. I was so happy we made it threw. It was such an experience.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Work Pictures

I hope you guys watched my fun fight on Friday night on Ghost Whisperer. In cased you missed it, I did a fight that was suppose to take place inside a computer game. Since we were supposedly in the video game we shot the whole fight on green screen. Here is a picture of me doing a ratchet (an air pressure thing that yanks you powerfully through the air). Because I was doing the fight in stilettos and a bustier it made some of the stunts in the fight a bit more difficult. When I was doing my ratchet the jerk vest (a type of harness you wear that they attach the cable to) was a special kind that didn't go over my shoulders so it didn't spread the power out over my body it basically pulled my whole body from my ribs. On the first rehearsal I thought it cut me in half. We ended up putting something in between my body and the harness that helped but let me tell you the first one was a dosy. Next time I know and as dad says "live and learn or you don't live long." I stand by that.

Also it is not easy doing a double kick back flip in giant stiletto heals. It throws your whole weight distribution out of wack. It was fun though. Here are a few pictures from the fight.BTW did I mention how great Jennifer Love is to work with. She really is an amazing person!

Did you watch Terminator this week? If you did, did you see the two terminators fighting? The other terminator was a stunt girl who is also a contortionist. She is amazing and her body can do some crazy stuff. Summer (the actress) ended up doing most of the fight on film. I would rehearse it and set it up for cameras but Summer did most of it on film. She is great and the fight turned out really good. Here is a picture of me in Terminator make up. It was fun make up to wear.

Friday, October 17, 2008

On TV tonight

Watch Ghost Whisperer tonight on ABC. I am doubling Jennifer Love Hewitt on the show tonight. I have some fun pictures I will post after the show airs. Also watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Monday on Fox. I am doubling the terminator girl Summer Glau (her character's name is Cameron).

I have been bad about letting you guys know when I am on TV. Sorry it is hard to keep up with it. I worked the past couple of days. I worked over 17 hours yesterday. It was such a long day but it went well.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Home from Europe

We arrived home from Europe Saturday night. Unfortunately a lady on the plane next to me got me sick. She was blowing her mucus all over the place, so I woke up Sunday with a nasty cold. I am feeling a tinny bit better thankfully because I am working today. I feel so bless to have had this wonderful vacation and come home to work. I am working a few days this week (on Heroes and Ghost Whisperer) and next week (on Sarah Conner Chronicles).

Here are a few pictures from our trip. We took over 400 pictures and tons of video. I
will post some more pictures when I have a chance.(The top picture is of us in Rome)

This is a picture of us in Monco. They yachts were amazing.

Here we are in Tuscanny in front of the villa we stayed at. My favorite place I stayed.

Jon driving the Ferrari in Monoco. He smiled the whole time!

The Eiffel Tower at night. So romantic!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Tuscany Italy!

We are having the most amazing time in Europe! So far we have been to London, Paris, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Florence and now we are in a Villa in Tuscany. I cant even begin to tell what an amazing time we are having. I will write in detail all about our trip when I get back home but I will tell you Jonny got to drive a Ferrari in Monte Carlo on the F1 track. Anyone who knows Jon knows that was like a life time dream come true.

I think for me I am most enjoying the food. We keep saying we are eating our way through Europe. I definitely will have to diet when I get home or the actresses will fire me, but until then I am enjoying every second. One of my highlights so far was the Eiffel tower all lite up at night. It was so romantic being there with Jon. I have been to the Eiffel town when I was in High School but having my husband there was just amazing and it was all light up so beautiful. It just twinkled.

I am also loving Tuscany. I cant wait to come back. Tomorrow we are headed to Rome and on Saturday we are headed to Spain. I miss my dog but I am so loving this trip! (This is a picture of where we are staying in Tuscany)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vacation time!

Jon and I have been working like crazy this year with little time off and have decided to take a vacation. We are headed to Europe for 2 weeks! I am so excited. With buying a new house, fixing it up and working I am so in need of a vacation. It is hard to turn work down for a vacation (it is my first time turning work down for personal reasons ever!) but I guess you have to do it. In our jobs we don't get 2 weeks paid vacation or anything like that. You only get paid when you work.

We leave tomorrow and start our trip off in London then Paris, Cannes (southern France), Monaco, Florence (staying in Tuscany), Rome and that is just the first 8 days. From Rome we head to Marbella Spain for a week on the Mediterranean in a villa.

I am especially excited to go back to Spain because we will be staying only 30 miles away from Malaga where I decided Jon was the man for me. The summer before we were married we lived in Malaga for the summer and lived in a youth hostel and had the most amazing time. I have a couple of restaurants I am really excited about going back to.

There are 4 of us going on the trip, Jon, me, Rita Jon's mom and our friend Amy. It will be Jon with three ladies traveling around Europe. It should be an amazing adventure! I will be sure to share pictures and stories once I get back.

Monday, September 08, 2008

In case you missed it

In case you missed the VMA's last night here is the link to the Pink performance I was in.
I am walking behind her during the barrels sparking. You can tell it is me because I have on the skirt. They wanted the brunettes in the front so that is why it is hard to see me.

Here are two pictures from the VMA's. There are a bunch more but my friend is emailing me so when I get those I will post them. We got one with Pink after the show. It was so much fun! Pink was so nice and great to work with. Backstage they were serving Dom Perignon champagne which is always a treat. Probably one of funnest jobs.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

On the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday Night

I am working on the MTV Video Music Awards that air live tonight. I am not doing anything crazy but it should be a really fun day of work. Award shows are always fun. I am in the Pink (the singer) performance so look for me however I really doubt you will be able to see me. I am going to be in punk rock cloths which is very much out side my element so it will be like Halloween. I am excited!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wish I was at the Rodeo

Every Labor Day weekend growing up was spent in my home town , Ellensburg WA, at the 25th largest Rodeo, The Ellesnburg Rodeo. I haven't been back since I graduated high school. Every year I keep trying to get back but every year something comes up and I am not able to make it. This year was no exception.

I would love to take my husband from New Jersey because he has never been to a Rodeo and it was such a big part of my life growing up. I wonder if it would be as fun now that I don't have to sneak into the beer garden and that I am an adult. Someday I will get back. Perhaps it will work out next year.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am in!

It is official, as of today I am a member of the elite stunt group, United Stuntwomen’s Association. The members are made up of some of the top stuntwoman in the business including amazing legends like Jeannie Epper who doubled Wonder Woman way back when, Shauna Duggins who doubled Jennifer Garner in Alias and Electra, Stacey Carino who doubled Meagan Fox in Transformers, Debbie Evans who is the best stunt driver (male of female) in business (she did the driving for Angelina Jolie in Wanted) and many more. It is an honor to be a member of this group. Feel free to check out our website at: I am not up there yet since I just got in today.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Emmy Party

On Saturday night we went to an Emmy Party to Celebrate those nominated for best stunt coordinator. We went last year and it was so much fun and this year was no different. The party had a 1920's theme so a lot of people dressed up as mobsters and flappers. There was a live swing band that Jon and I took full advantage of. We danced to much and had such a great time.

Today I worked on The Sarah Connor Chronicles doubling a guest star girl. It was a fun stunt but a stinger. Jon is at the Dodgers game tonight. He is getting spoiled with VIP tickets that include all you can eat and drink. It should be fun.

We have been working so much lately which is great but we have had little time to enjoy the summer, so tomorrow we are doing to the beach to enjoy the sunshine. I am super excited except my body is a little bruised from some stunts so I look like a battered wife in a bathing suit which I think is so funny!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Earthquakes and Work

I know the earthquake was a few days ago but I haven't had a chance until now to write about it. I was leaving my chiropractor's office (every stuntman has one) I was on the top floor of a building and before I went down the elevator I decided to use the restroom. I was on the toilet when the quake hit and because I was in a tall building the rocking and rolling was accentuated. I jumped off the toilet and went back to the doctors office because you never know if the earthquake is going to get bigger and I didn't want to get stuck in the bathroom. Had I not used the restroom I would be in the elevator when the quake hit. I guess my small bladder helped me. Kinda funny place to be when an earthquake hits.

I am doing some water stuff this week for work and I have to jump off a 20 ft plat form into water. When I was younger I use to jump off bridges so it is funny that bridge jumping has ended up being work training.

When Jon was younger he was a junior cadet for the police which paid off this week. Jon was the stunt coordinator for a low budget movie and ended up also being the technical adviser for the police. Here is a picture of Jon and a some stunt guys he hired for his movie.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bad Blogger

I have been a very bad blogger lately. Both Jon and I have been so crazy I mean crazy busy that we have had no spare time for anything except sleep and work. I have been working 6-7 days a week 12-17 hours a day and a two hour commute and sleep has been hard to come by. I have been working on Heroes (doubling Ali Larter), Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles (doubling Summer Glau and another girl), a Bollywood moive (playing a character), the Ghost Whisperer (doubling Jennifer Love Hewitt) and a couple other smaller movies. I am now the regular double on most of these shows. I feel so blessed to have been in LA for two years and doubling these girls on such great shows. It has been really fun and I have been doing some very fun stunts. I must say I need to visit the Chiropractor on my next day off (not sure when that is going to be).

In the middle of our working spree I made a quick trip to NJ for my sister in laws wedding in New Jersey. It was a fun time but a very short trip. Here is a picture from the wedding.

Also, my mom flew and aunt flew out over July 4th weekend and redo my back patio. We worked our butts off and it turned out great. It was a great time. Here are before and after pictures of our patio.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Working on Heroes

I have been doubling Ali Larter on a movie and this week I was hired to double her on Heroes. It was a big step to double and an actor on a movie and on their TV show. She has been great to work with. I work on the movie again this weekend to finish up the movie. The movie will be great and you will have to see.

Jon is back in Boston working on a the Bruce Willis movie the Surrogates. He had a hard day of stunts today and I have very happy for him. He really is becoming a great stunt guy. He flies home Saturday afternoon and works on another show Saturday night. Busy busy. Sometimes work leaves little time to sleep. I know he will be tired when he is done but he needs to rest because he is doing a car hit next week. It won't be shot like mine and as brutal luckily but it still will be a tough stunt. I am proud of him.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have been working like crazy which is really great but I am really tired. I have had two days off in the last three weeks and I have been doing some physically hard stunts where I am bruised and banged up. It is crazy when you are working 14 hours a day and commuting 3 that you have little time to even sleep. I love to work and in this business you have to take it when you can get it. Jon has also been working a lot which is also good because if SAG goes on strike at the end of the month (which could happen) we will be all set.

I think the people I work with think I am little crazy because I just don't hold back when I am doing stunts. I give my all and sell out every time and believe that if you don't have a heart for stunts don't waist my time. I love stunts and it is my passion and I am happy that I have the honor to make a living doing it. Yes, it is hard when I come home all banged up but the adrenaline rush I get is amazing. I use to pay people for stuff like that now I get paid for it. I couldn't be happier with my job.

However with working so much we have had little time to spend on our house. We still have some stuff in boxes and still have many projects that are in limbo. I guess we will get to them in time. My mom and aunt are coming out in July to help so that will be really great. In the mean time we are pluging away. If I haven' returned your phone call don't get mad I will call you soon. cheers!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Keeping Busy

Between being new home owners, working and working out I find little time for anything else lately. I did manage to go to the Dodgers game last night for my friends birthday.

The hair people on the movie I am working on had my hair highlighted by the girl I am doubling's hair colorist to match the actresses exactly. It is still blond just a different shade now. They did this last year when I worked on National Treasure 2. It is great to get my hair done and not have to pay for it. I love it!

Jonny flew to Boston on Tuesday to work on a movie called the The Surrogates. He gets home next week. I miss him! Normally I would go with him but I have to stay here to work. I have been busy working with little time off which is good since our SAG contract with the producers is up at the end of the month and SAG could strike. Who knows if we will or not but it is looming over the business right now. We will see. I am not too worried about it. If we do strike it is vacation time!

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Whenever people find out I do stunts I get one of two answers, you guys are crazy or I have always wanted to do stunts and think that is so cool. To those who think we are crazy, they are right. However, I think people who sit behind a desk all day are equally as crazy. To those who want to do stunts, next time you look down a flight of stairs think about running and throwing your self down those stairs over and over again because the camera man keeps missing the shot or next time a car drives by you as cross the street think about getting hit by that car. That is how I and many other stunt professionals see the world.

I have been in rehearsals all week for a big fight. I can't give details but let me just say it will be brutal and I mean brutal. I am so sore and beat up just from rehearsing and walking through it with pads on and in my work out cloths. Sometimes I stop and think about what I am doing and think it is crazy that I get paid to do this. To those out there who want to do stunts we are all a little crazy but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

5 Year Anniversary - Hard at Work

This is Jonathan. Heather asked me to put up a quick post in regards to today being our 5-year anniversary. She can't do it herself because she just booked a job doubling the lead actress, Ali Larter (from the TV show Heroes), in a movie called Obsessed. She got the job, and started work, yesterday and will be on it for the next month, which is why she's working on our anniversary. It's a huge gig and we're both really excited about it. I couldn't be more proud of all the success Heather has had in this business...and in just about anything else she does.

People ask me all the time why I got married so young (22), and if, and how I'm still happy, being that we were married before we had a chance to "really experience life and see what's out there". I always tell them the same things, "that I found the right one early, and I knew then that Heather was a gift and blessing unlike anything I had ever had in my life before, and that I couldn't let it go". I thank God everyday for putting Heather in my life, and not a moment too soon.

Reflecting on our journey that's taken us from NJ to CO, WA, HI, and now CA, I can't imagine the last 8-years without Heather, and wouldn't have made the journey and be where I am today if I didn't have this partner to take every brazen plunge with. It sounds cliche, but it's actually the honest truth that I love Heather more today than I did yesterday or 5 years ago or 8 years ago and our love has grown through every step of our journey together.

As to being married young for the past 5 years...I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm truly blessed to have had as good a 5 years with the love of my live and best friend as I have. I've missed nothing and gained everything.

Sadly, they say in this business you can tell how successful a stuntman is by the number of marriages he's gone through. Well, I guess we'll just keep on being fantastically happy failures for the next 50+ years or just go on trumping the statistics. Heather and I have a tendency of doing that anyway.

P.S. Happy early Birthday to Heather on May 28th!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Jon is in Indy

Jonny worked on the new Indian Jones movie that came out yesterday so make sure you go see it. I am not sure if his name is in the credits or not. With big movies like this there are just so many stunt people who work on it they usually don't put in everyones name. We haven't seen it yet but we will this weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thanks Darcy!

My dear friend from middle school, Darcy, wrote a very nice piece about me in her college newspaper. She did a great job! I only have the first page since they took the article off the website. If you click on the image it will get bigger you should be able to read it. Way to go home girl!

Disclaimer: There are a few facts that aren't right but hey that is journalism for you.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jon Earns his strips

There are days in every stuntman's career that you will feel the rest of your life. Last Tuesday was one of those days for Jonathan. He spent the whole day getting rocked by other stunt guys wearing shorts and a t-shirt so he was only able to where a few pads. He was doubling Paul Rudd on a new movie called I Love You, Man. Jon was basically a human rag doll. One of the stunts he did is called a pin wheel where you jump in the air and one guy hits you from the top and another guy hits you from the bottom and you go head over heal before you land. He did this six times and then proceeded to a full day of getting his butt knocked around. When he came home he had imprints on his back from where his pads tore into his skin. It is days like that that make stuntmen stuntmen. He cowboyed up as we say in the business. Everyone says they want to be a stuntman until they are faced with those kind of days. This was Jon's day to prove himself as a kick ass stuntman and I am proud of him.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Working Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am working on Monk doubling a guest star. I worked on this show about a year and half ago so it will be fun to work on it again. I was supposed to work at the motion capture studio but it is just doing demonstration of how their technology works so I am having Chris, Jon's brother take my place. Chris is staying with us and helping us fix up our house, so giving him a day of paid work makes me feel like it is worth his time to be here. He worked with me last week filling in for Jon doing the same thing because Jon was working on Avatar, a James Cameron movie.

The house work is coming along well. We finished the wood floors today and they look really good. Now we have to paint and do the molding and the living room will be done. My mom is flying in Wednesday to help do some work around here like taking down the ugly wallpaper, painting and working outside. It will be great to have her here.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Online at last!

Sorry I have been MIA but life has been crazy and finding an Internet connection has not been easy. We have spent the past three weeks working non stop and traveling all over the country (NY, Rhode Island, LA, New Jersey and Utah) and the few seconds we had at home we were dealing with paper work for the new house and packing. When I was in Utah last weekend Jon with the help of some great guys moved us into our new house. I was so sad I wasn't here for the move HA! I was working hard on a TV pilot which I hope gets picked up because the girl I was doubling will have tons of action, I am a great double for her (her mom took pictures and called us twins), she is the nicest sweetest actress I have worked with so I would love to work with her again.

We love our new house! It weird being a home owner I really do feel like a grown up, not sure if that is a good thing. Jon is installing wood floors down stairs and I have been busy attempting to take off the awful wall paper. I am so not good at stuff like that. You want me to get hit by cars, play football no problem but working on and decorating a house I am terrible. Thank goodness for a great mom and mother in law who have been helping via the phone. I am begging them to come visit aka help me. I don't think I will have to beg to hard.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So busy!

Jon and I have been crazy lately working all over the country and trying to do all the paper work and finish things up so we can close on our new house. Early last week we were in NY then midweek we flew to Seattle to attend my cousins wedding, Sunday night we flew back to LA. We are home for two days before we head off to Rhode Island to work on another movie. From RI we drive to NJ on Friday night so we can attend my sister-in-laws bridal show on Saturday, then on Sunday we fly back to LA. I am home for two days before I fly to Utah to work on yet another movie for a few days. Jon is not going to Utah so he will be home moving out of our current apartment into our new house. Crazy Crazy!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Watch CSI:NY

Remember when my friend Bryan Anderson was in town filming CSI:NY well the episode he worked on is airing tomorrow night. He is a guest star in the show and it is his acting debut, so make sure you watch Wednesday night at 10pm on CBS.

We love to Work!

Since the strike has ended with the writers Jon and I have been busy working which is great since we took the plunge and bought a house. I have been working on the TV show Moonlight on CBS and Jon has worked on the TV show Numbers and a moved called Avatar. We fly out the end of this week to work in NY on a movie called The Taking of Pelham 123. We have a few other things in the pipe line so hopefully they will work out.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Work and a House

It is crazy just how busy my world is and I don't have a regular job. This week Jon worked on the show Numbers and I worked doing some motion capture which was really cool. They actually did facial capture. They put the little dots all over my face and the computer can captures all my facial movement. It is pretty cool.

We put an offer on a townhouse that was a forclosure and it was accepted yesterday! It is a GREAT deal and we are so excited. It is 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, two stories, two car garage, 9 foot vaulded cealings both downstairs and up, 1700 sq feet not including the garage, speakers in the ceiling for music all over the house, a giant master bath with a huge tub and seperate shower and a seprate room for the toilet, a huge walk in closet, it backs up to the pool, it is an end unit, we have great friends who live on the other side of the pool, a nice patio where we can actually plant some flowers, did I mention it was a great deal! So hopefully all will work out and we will close on April 25. I am not excited about the next month because I hate contracts and all that. I feel like such a grown up.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So Much to Catch Up On

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. I have honestly meant to write but have been soooo busy that I have barely have time to sleep. Where to start...Jon has been working on a cool project called Tintin which is directed by both Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg. Talk about a very cool project to work on. Two of the biggest directors ever and he is work with them both.

My friend Brian Anderson was in town last week (my friend who is the triple amputee from Iraq) because he was working on CSY:NY as a guest start. We hung out a bit and were able to grab dinner one night. It was great to see him. He really is a great guy. Make sure you look for him on CSI:NY it is his acting debut.

I worked on a commercial today. It was fun because it was a period piece and I was actually a princess. I had the royal robe, crown and drag queen make up. It really was a fun shoot. The commercial is European so it won't air in the US so you won't get to see it.

We have been shopping for a house which has really been taking up most of my time. Between dealing with shady mortgage brokers, looking at houses and trying to figure out what will be a good investment I have little time for anything else. It seems to be a pretty good time to buy in California and we aren't trying to sell anything so we figured we would begin the journey. Not so much fun, I will be honest.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Acadamy Awards

Did you all watch the Oscars last night? I always enjoy watching the fun show, however I couldn't help but wonder why stunts are still not part of the awards. When you watch the clips they use for the movies when they are announced often times they use the stunts even if the movie is a drama.

It was great they included stunts for the first time at the SAG awards so perhaps the Oscars will be next. I know we have been fighting for it for years but in Hollywood stunts are sort of like the red headed step child (aunt marry this is nothing against red heads it is just a saying :). By giving us an award they blow the whistle that the actors don't do their own stunts and I do understand keeping the allure there. The least they should do is give an award for 2-unit director (they are often ex-stuntmen who direct all the action i.e. car chases, fights, ratchets...). They give it to the guy who directs the actors who say lines but on some movies that is only part of the story the action can be equally important. I will get off my soapbox now :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Didn't Win but got a Certification

Even though Lost didn't win the SAG Award for Outstanding performance by a Stunt Ensambel for a TV show I got a certificate in the mail that congratulates me for being nominated. That is pretty cool. Being nominated for a SAG award was cool enough but to get an actual certificate for my nomination is also very cool. Anyway here is a picture taken from my cell phone of my certificate.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My New Hero

This past weekend Jon and I worked in Philadelphia on a movie called The Wrestler . This was one of the best movies I have ever worked on because we had the honor to work with the most unorthodox stuntman, Bryan Anderson. Bryan is an ex-gymnast, ex-soldier, winner of the Purple Heart and a triple amputee. He lost both his legs and part of his left arm in a roadside bomb. The only reason he still has his right hand is because he was taking a drag from his cigarette when the bomb went off.

Last January Bryan was on the cover of Esquire magazine and inside the cover story he said he would like to become a stuntman, “I could be on prosthetics, and they could blow my legs off.” Doug Crosby, the stunt coordinator for The Wrestler, read that article and began thinking of a way to make Bryan's dream a reality. He thought of a cleaver way to incorporate Bryan into the movie and hired him for his first job as a stuntman. (You will have to see the movie to see how they used him.) I had the privilege to work with Bryan on his first day of work as a stuntman.

Bryan is my same age, full of life, so funny and looks at life as if there is nothing stopping him from following his dreams. He is the spokesman for a wheelchair company, he travels around the country giving talks but he is still a 26 year old guy.

To me this sums up Bryan's way of looking at life: When he first noticed his legs and hand where gone he looked at his buddy and said "Do you think I’ll ever get laid again?" I love this guy. My new Hero, stuntman Bryan Anderson.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Going to the East Coast

Tomorrow Jon and I are headed to NY to work. We are working on a movie called The Wrestler for a few days. We get back to LA early next week.

The rain has finally stopped here and I have been able to enjoy the outdoors again. I love that you can be outside all year around here and I definitely take full advantage of it. At least 5 days a week I am outside working out either hiking, running or just recently roller blading (I know that is so 1990's of me but I love it, it is a great workout and my dog loves it too). I honestly don't think I could live anywhere cold again.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Lost Tonight

I am on tonights season premier of Lost so be sure to watch.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hawaii and Work

Well on Tuesday I flew to Hawaii for my family reunion. There are 16 of us here enjoying all Hawaii has to offer (snorkeling, scuba diving, body boarding...). Unfortunately and fortunately on Monday afternoon when we were getting everything ready to leave Jon got a job to coordinate an indi movie so last minute he canceled his trip to Hawaii to stay home to work. Like they say you want to work just plan a vacation. The movie is called Weather Girl.

I also thought I would mention that Jon and I both worked on the new movie Cloverfield that comes our this week. So if you see it stay till the end and you will our name in the credits. I haven't seen it yet because the screening is this week and I am in Hawaii.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Pictures from Work

Here is a picture from when I worked on CSI:NY and a short video of the ratchet I did. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Upcoming work I did

I am pretty sure I am on CSI:NY tonight. I am doubling the girl who dies. I will post pictures tomorrow from when I worked.

This Sunday the new show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiers on Fox. I worked on it quite a bit this fall. It was really fun to work on and I got to do some fun stunts. I was the second unit stunt double for the girl Terminator, Summer Glau (her character's name is Cameron) (her main double is a great stunt girl). I also did some other general stunts. It should be a good show, especially if you like the Terminator series.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Catching Up

We flew home from NJ on Monday however we have been sick since last Friday so I have been stuck at home since then. I hate being sick. I am finally getting around to putting up some pictures from our Christmas trip to NJ and our annual cookie decorating party we had before we left (here is the link to last year's party)

We went to Mama Mia at the Winter Garden Theater on Broadway. It was so beautiful inside but you are not allowed to take pictures inside.

Here is the Jersey clan in front of the best Italian restaurant in all of little Italy. I think it was the best meal I have ever had, seriously.

Since I have been sick I have been on the couch watching Sex and the City non stop (except when Jon wanted to watch football I would watch it on my laptop in my bedroom). Last Christmas my dad, step mom and sister bought me all 6 seasons. I love it! I can't wait for the movie to come out. It is nice to be home. Unfortunately there isn't a lot going on here in LA due to the writers strike.