Friday, June 06, 2008

Keeping Busy

Between being new home owners, working and working out I find little time for anything else lately. I did manage to go to the Dodgers game last night for my friends birthday.

The hair people on the movie I am working on had my hair highlighted by the girl I am doubling's hair colorist to match the actresses exactly. It is still blond just a different shade now. They did this last year when I worked on National Treasure 2. It is great to get my hair done and not have to pay for it. I love it!

Jonny flew to Boston on Tuesday to work on a movie called the The Surrogates. He gets home next week. I miss him! Normally I would go with him but I have to stay here to work. I have been busy working with little time off which is good since our SAG contract with the producers is up at the end of the month and SAG could strike. Who knows if we will or not but it is looming over the business right now. We will see. I am not too worried about it. If we do strike it is vacation time!

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