Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from NJ! I hope everyone is enjoying family, food and wine!

I just talked to my dad and he just told me Lost was nominated for the Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards for season 3. My dad was the stunt coordinator for about half of the season and both Jon and I worked on it, so that is very exciting that we have all been nominated!

I still haven't seen National Treasure 2 but I am told that my name is in the end credits so look for it at the end of the movie under stunts. I am credited as Heather Vendrell Arthur. I am not really sure why sometimes they put your name in the credits and other times they don't. I worked more on Transformers and didn't get screen credit but on this movie I did get credit. Very strange but I am super happy.

Monday, December 24, 2007

National Treasure 2

Go see it. I worked on it last summer. I haven't seen it yet becuase when they had the cast and crew screaning Jon was sick. If you see it let me know if is any good. I will post some pics of when I worked on it when I get a chance. I hope to see it this week.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mama Mia!!!

We arrived in NJ last night to spend Christmas with my in laws. After we landed we went home changed our cloths and was then picked up in a stretch limo and taken to the Winter Garden theater in Manhattan to see Mama Mia. It was such a great show! My sister in law was friends with on of the main guys in the show so we went back stage. It was pretty cool. 

Then we went to little Italy to get some dinner. I think it was the best dinner I have ever had, seriously. It was a really fun night. New York City is such a great place to be during Christmas time. I will post some pictures when I get a chance.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On CSY:NY...updated

I am on CSI:NY tomorrow night (10pm on CBS). I am the doubling the girl who gets killed (I am the one who gets killed). I will post pictures after the show airs. Enjoy!

Update: They ended up not airing the show I was in last week. TV Guide said it was the episode but it wasn't. Sorry guys. I will let you know when they actually do air it, but I am not sure when that will be. 

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Slow Time

We had a great time in Washington visiting my family. I ate way too much but enjoyed every bite. We are back in LA now. Things are pretty slow around here due in part to the writers strike. However, we have been busy nearly every single night since we have been home catching up with friends and networking for work.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Apple Pie

Yesterday Jon and I made the 13.5 hour drive from LA to Washington state to see my family for Thanksgiving. We took our 3.5 month old puppy with us and she did so good on the drive up. I was very surprised. After our long drive, we were so tired, and as we walked in the door of my mom's house the smell of home made apple pie filled the air. My mom baked a pie to welcome us. It was amazing.

This week we will be traveling around see a ton of friends and family. We have a full next 10 days. I am happy to be out of LA where people actually smile at you when you walk by them and let you in when you are driving. It is great.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Our shows

We missed the original airing of Jon on Law and Order SVU which was this last Monday but luckily the episode will rerun this Saturday at 10pm (yeah residuals!). He is doubling one of the detectives when a bomb goes off he flies across a desk. If you aren't able to watch the episode you can see his stunt on the Law and Order SVU website under highlites of that episode by clicking here. Here are a few screan shots from his stunt.

In case you missed seeing me on Scrubs last night I was carring Turk to the scales. Yes I got paid to carry an actor. You need easy days like that to make up for day when you get hurt or get have a tough day ( I am still sore from my stunt last Friday).

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Good Video on the Writers Stike

A lot of people have asked me about the writers strike and how if will effect Jon and I. Well most of the shows we have worked on since August are shutting down sometime before Thanksgiving. Meaning there is no work for us in TV, however there is still movies we can work on.

Here is a really good video that explains why they are striking. SAG (our union) could face a similar strike when are contracts are up in June. We would be fighting for the same thing as the writers so it will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On Scrubs Tomorrow

I worked on Scrubs a few weeks ago and I think the episode I am in airs tomorrow night on NBC at 9:30 pm. I have a short part but I am playing myself so if you look close you should see my face. Here is a picture of me and the two other stunt girls working that day.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another Acura

We bought a second car yesterday because it is just so hard to get around LA with one car for the two of us. We bought a black Acura MDX with all the bells and whistles (navigation, leather, third row seating, sun roof...). It is great! Buying another Acura is a bit scary since we had two stolen last year but we hope that because this is the SUV and not the sports car in their line that we should be ok. I feel so adult with my SUV. We have no kids but have a car that seats 7 because we need room to store all of our toys. As quoted in college we can again say "Nice Acura" (Ben and Sean you are probably the only ones who will get this).

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Writers Strike

I am not sure if people outside the movie business are following what is going on with the potential writers strike. From my understanding the writers are going on strike starting Monday. If this lasts for awhile it could really affect our jobs. In the short term there are a back log of scripts for movies and some for TV but eventually TV shows will shut down. Everyone in our business is talking about it. This will immediately effect daily shows like Late Night with David Letterman, The Daily Show...which will start showing reruns starting Monday. Here is a good article in the NY Times that goes into detail about the strike. We will have to see what happens but last time they went on strike in the 80's it lasted 5 months. From what I hear they are not even close to coming to an agreement. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A week of firsts

I worked for Sarah Connor Chronicles (SCC)on Monday and Jon did motion capture (they asked me to do it on Monday but I was already working), on Tuesday both Jon and I worked on motion capture. It was my first time doing motion capture. You have to wear this suit with little balls velcroed to the suit. We were doing movement, like walking, sitting, sitting with crossed legs, walking with a purse... for a video game. They then take that movement and use it for the people in the video game. Once the game comes out in a few years all the people you see in the game walking around or whatever will be Jon and I. It is actually really cool.

Today Jon is going on two auditions for commercials. Tomorrow I will be working on two different shows in the same day getting two contracts. I have never done that before. I am working on CSI:NY which is my first time working on that show and SCC. I will be doing a rachet (I have never done one of those before) which I am super excited about. A rachet is hooked up to air pressure which when released with propell me through the air. I will wear a jerk vest that will be connected to a cable which then is connected to a large crane that I will be pulled towards.

On Friday, I am doing my first air ram for camera. Last year Jon and I learned how to use them. If you remember from my post last year, you step on the air ram and using air pressure you are shot into the air not using any cable. Think of it like a gymnastics vault using air pressure as its power. It is pretty sweet. I have a busy week with some big stunts, working on new shows and having so much fun!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Holy Smoke

The fires that have been going on here in California are just crazy. Since we live surrounded by cement we have been safe. However, earlier this week we had a friend stay with us because he was evacuated from his house due to the fires in Orange County. He had the fence at his house burned but his house was fine. My heart breaks for those who have lost their homes. I know how much it stinks to have two cars stolen I can't imagine my house burning down.

The air is so bad here. I feel like I live in a smoker oven. My lungs have been burning the past couple of days. We could barley see the moon last night because the smoke was so thick. We were planning on going to Disneyland today but changed our mind because they are saying it isn't safe to be outside that long.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I am so Lame!

I swear I am not going to be one of those crazy pet people but I made a 40 sec video of our new puppy. I did this because we have so many friends and family all over the country who wanted to see our new puppy now named, Jersey (Jon named her if you couldn't tell). She has been so much fun but a ton of work. I have been home all week because I have been sick so I have been able to spend a lot of time working with her. Jon is also really enjoying Jersey. If she is asleep for the night when he gets home he will wake her up to play and snuggle. She loves to play but loves to snuggle even more.

The bummer part is she can't go outside yet until she gets the rest of her shots next Friday. In the mean time when we take her out we have to hold her. Enjoy the short video! (Make sure the sound on your comptuer is on because the video is much better with the music)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I got a puppy!

After years of wanting, and shopping and try to talk my husband into getting a dog I finally got one! I got a 9 week old puggle which is a designer dog. She is half pug half beagle. She shouldn't get more than 15lbs which is great for our apartment.

We don't have a name yet. It is so hard to name a dog. I have a few ideas but since I picked her out I will let Jon name her. He is still in NJ and won't meet her until tomorrow. I know he will love her. He has never had a dog before so I think he is still in shock. In the end I know it will be his dog because he will love her so much. (This isn't the best picture but it is all I have right now..)

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Last Fall Jon worked on the movie The Heartbreak Kid doubling Ben Stiller, which opened this weekend. He was Ben Stiller's stunt double for some driving scenes in the movie. We went to the screening (they show the movie for the cast and crew before the movie opens, it is different than a premier) for the movie last week. (The pictures are from when he worked on the movie. The girl next to him is the actresses photo double which is different than a stunt double. If it was dangerous driving like a car chase or anything fast then they would have used a stunt double for the girl instead, but they were just cruising along for some helicopter shots so a photo double is sufficient. The driver is almost always a stunt double.)

I worked most the week on the Sarah Connor Chronicles which went great. It is a fun show to work on. I am also working this week on that show. I just love to work!

Jon flies out to New York on Tuesday for a few dasy to work on Law and Order: SVU. Busy busy!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Here is my stunt!

Here is another verison of the commercial I was in and this time they HAVE my stunt in it. (That is me standing in the arch way). Enjoy!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


I worked last Friday as a high school student on 12 Miles of Bad Road which is a new show for HBO. I can't tell you how happy I was playing a high school student being that I am 26. It was pretty fun. I was a stunt actress ie playing myself and not doubling anyone but I had no lines. The other actors were so nice and we had a really fun day of work.

This weekend Jon worked on a movie playing a solider for a friend of ours who is directing a movie and trying to get his start as a director. I think he had a fun time.

I am working most of this week on the Sarah Connor Chronicles doubling one of the leading ladies. I am the second unit double and have been able to get some good work on that show. This show is a mid season replacement on FOX so hopefully it does well. On Thursday and Friend my dad was hired by the stunt coordinator to be the fight coordinator. I am looking forward to working with my dad again.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Commercial

Remember last month when I shot my first commercial? I haven't seen it on the TV so I figured I would see if there was anything on the Internet. I found a version of the commercial here. They changed it from the story boards and totally cut out my stunt. You don't see me trip, fall and get trampled by the kids. I must have fell on my face 20 times (it was actually pretty fun and I had knee pads on). Oh well, this happens all the time. You never know what is going to make it through the editing room. I am still in it and it is a cute commercial. It seems like this is a rough cut but I really don't know. Anyway, at least you can see it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Death on the Set of the New Batman Movie

I just came across this article in my morning reading and it breaks my heart. A special effects technician died during rehearsal for a stunt driving sequence. It sounds like the driver of the camera car crashed while following the bat mobile and one of the guys in the camera car was killed. It is not only stuntmen who put themselves in risky positions to get a great shot it is also camera guys or others on the crew. Often times they are in the car with you, following you or dangling off the side of the cliff with you to get that one great shot. I have so much respect for the camera guys and other members of the crew who put themselves out there. Think about that next time you watch a car chase or big stunt someone has to be there close enough to get the action. My prayers goes out to his family.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Spa

I must say I love going to the spa! Today I went with a couple of friends to the Burke Williams Spa in Santa Monica. It was wonderful. I feel so spoiled whenever I am at a fancy spa. I like trying out different spas because each one has such a different feeling. The only thing that most spas don't have that they should is coffee. They all have tea, fruit, cucumber water but not coffee. I know they don't have it because it is suppose to be a detox place but still I want some good coffee when I am sitting and relaxing. Anyway, it was a great day and I can't wait to go again, hopefully soon.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Working and Training

It feels like fall is in the air even in California. I love the hot weather but I am so happy it isn't 112 degrees everyday anymore. My dad has been visiting which has been great because I have been capitalizing on him being here. We have been doing martial art lessons in the park and I have loved it.

I am working today on a mid season replacement show based on the Terminator movies call The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It is always exciting to work on a new show. When I went to set to see if I was a good double the director of the episode they were filiming was an old camera guy on Lost who became one of the directors. A few of the other crew working on the show were people I have worked with on other shows. What a very small business.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Missed Call

As usual, I went to the gym yesterday for my daily workout. In the gym I don't get cell phone service so I leave my phone in the car(yeah in the middle of the city I don't get call service gotta love Verizon). When I went back to my car I had three voice mails about work. I immediately called back regarding the job and they had already hired someone else about 5 minutes before I called. I was so bummed! I have never missed out on work for going to the gym. I am not sure what to do going forward so this doesn't happen again. That is show biz!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Going to Hawaii

I fly out to Hawaii tomorrow morning. I get back in town late Wednesday night. It will be a short trip but I always have fun when I am there. I get in tomorrow before noon so I have the whole day to just enjoy the beach and all Hawaii has to offer. It has been so hot in LA that I am looking forward to being in cooler weather (who would ever think that going to Hawaii will be nice to get out of the heat).

To deal with the hot weather we went to the water slides park on Friday. It was so hot it felt like the heater was blowing on us all day. We had such a fun time and what better way to deal with the heat than play in the water.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Fun

On Friday night we went to the National Treasure 2 Wrap Party. For those of you who don't know what a wrap party is, it is a party the producers throw at the end of a show (weather it be the end of the movie or the end of the season of a TV show). They do this to show their appreciating for the cast and crew, however most of the time the actors don't show up. Since NT2 is a big budget movie they spared no expense for the wrap party. There was amazing food, open bar, great music and held at this super cool night club in Hollywood.

On Saturday night we went to our good friends house to play video games in his super cool game room he recently built. This is just not any game room this is an amazing game room. He has 8 xbox's, 8 flat screen TVs that way everyone has their own screen, a shuffle board table, pool table, air hockey table, fuse ball table, darts and the full size fast and the furious arcade racing games. It is so sweet! This place makes Dave and Busters look like armatures. At least once a week we go to his house and play with a bunch of other stunt guys, however he is leaving town today until November so we won't be playing again for a while. I sure will miss our late night get togethers.

He also has a movie theater in his house. We watched 300 in their last week. It is pretty fun to watch a movie in a private home theater that has better sound and picture then any commercial movie theater you go to. I can't wait till he gets back!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Work Today

I worked on the TV show Scrubs today. What a fun show to work on. The actors were so nice which on some shows is so not the case. It was my first time working on that show and everyone was just having a good time. It is strange how every show you work on is so different. I guess it is that way in the outside world too, every office has a different culture and feel. I never know when I go work on a new show what to expect. You don't know if you are walking into a stressful hurry up crazy environment or a having a good time laughing environment. I was a stunt actress (no lines) meaning I was just playing my self and not doubling anyone, so you will see me on camera and not have to use the slow motion to see my face. I decided to come to work with straight hair this time so they wouldn't make me have big hair like they did on my commercial. They gave me a side ponny tail, ,not kidding but it worked out and looked fine.

I am only in one scene but it was a fun morning (I only had to work 4 hours today). It is days like today where I just love my job. I think the episode airs around November 15th but I will let you guys know for sure so you can watch. I will write more about my day once the show airs.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My First Commercial

I just shot my first commercial and it is a national commercial! I was playing myself (ie I am not doubling anyone) so you will see my face. It was my first close up. I am a stunt actress for the commercial and on national commercials you get paid every time it airs which is pretty sweet. They will also show the commercial on the Internet.

It went great and I think they were very happy how it turned out. Jon was at the filming helping out the stunt coordinator. I always feel safe knowing that Jon is there in case something happens (like when I did my car hit and had to go to the hospital).

I am excited to see how it turns out. I think the only thing that I wasn't super happy about and have never had to deal with was I think they made my already thick hair even bigger. My hair basically had its won personality. It looked like a wig. Usually I am doubling someone and they never see my face on camera so I don't care what I look like but this time it was about me. I asked the hair lady why she made my hair so big and she said because I am playing a mom and the big hair would make me look older. I guess we will see...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Emmy Party

Last night Jon and I went to an Emmy Party to Honor those nominated for best Stunt Coordinator. We had such a fun time. Their was an award ceremony for those who where nominated at the beginning of the night. Since the theme was 70's and 80's TV shows they had actors from popular TV shows from that era to present the award to those nominated. Among the special guest were David Hasselhoff (Knight Rider), Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), and David Soul (who played Hutch in Starsky and Hutch). They also put together stunt clips from of the famous shows of that era. It was so entertaining to watch how much stunts have changed since then. My dad was in the clip show a few times that I noticed which I thought was pretty cool. I thought perhaps my kids will watch stunt clips from my era and say "Hey there is mom on Lost or on Monk or on One Tree Hill..."

After the awards presentations the party began. Their was a live band, open bar, and food. At one point in the night I was walking down the stairs with two other young stunt girls and one said "We should do a stair fall just for fun". Listening to the good advice from my dad "Never do stunts unless you are getting paid" I suggested that I video tape them with my camera (I am so clever). So they did two stair falls in their dresses. This is the stuff us crazy stunt people do. We really never look at stairs or cars the same once you have been intimate with them on camera. Here is the video of their stair fall:

We also signed up to be a members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. There is a bunch of criteria to be a member but we were able to by pass that because the dean of the stunts was able to just sign us in which was pretty sweet. I received my voting ballot and actually get to vote for the Emmy's. Being a member for the Academy I can also attend the events they hold all the time. I am so excited to be a part of the Academy. We had a such a great night.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back in LA

Jon and I got back to LA on Tuesday. We had a great time in WA but it is time to get back to work. I missed a few commercial auditions during my travels this summer so I need to be home for a while. It is weird, we don't work everyday with our jobs and you don't know when you are going to work again so being out of town or planning anything is tough.

Even though we aren't working everyday we are still "working". Meaning we are hustling for work, going on auditions, researching upcoming movies, networking, going to sets...etc. It is a very different lifestyle. I love it but it does take some getting use to. It is totally feast or famine. Sometimes we are so busy we don't have time to do anything and other times we watch a lot of movies and hang with friends. There is no business like show business!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

In Washington

Jon and I had nothing going on this week so we decided to jump in the car and drive up to see my family in Washington. We arrived on Friday night and will tentatively stay through next weekend (this depends on if we get work and have to go back to CA early). I just love being back home in WA. This is my favorite place to be in the summer. There is just so much to do. We have a fun week planned. We are floating the river, riding horses, playing golf, water skiing and inner tubing behind my uncles boat, hanging by my aunts awesome pool and enjoying in my mom's beautiful gardens and 9 acres of forest. I guess this is the closest I will get to have an adult summer camp I talked about a few weeks ago (the only thing I am missing is the zip line).

There is just no place like home (I can say that because I have lived all over the country).

Monday, July 16, 2007

I love Summer Time!

I was sitting on my porch enjoying the sun thinking about how much I love summer. I enjoy drinking lemonade, reading a book by the pool, playing in a river and just about every other cliche summer activity there is. As I sat there I began to think how cool it would be to have an adult summer camp. Where you slept in cabins (not fancy ones but the crusty ones you slept in as a kid), paddle canoes, play on rope courses, go hiking, make smores and sneak out of our cabin to meet up with the boy cabin. Just like when you were a kid. Maybe it is just me but I think that would be so much fun.

Living in California I have the luxury of having warm weather most the year but there is just something in the air that makes people happier this time of year.

A few weeks ago we went go cart racing with a bunch of stunt guys and had an amazing time. Here is a picture taking right before I went on the track for the first heat of the night. I definitely will go back. Plus it helps with my stunt driving skills so I can consider it work training :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Transformers the movie opens this week. I worked on that movie last summer. There should be some great action scenes. I am in some of the big action sequences running and dodging from explosions, the robots (which are just poles in the street when we actually shot it) and things flying through the air.I haven't seen it yet but hopefully I will see it this week.

Jon and I are in a trailer for another movie that is untitled which is shown before Transformers starts. We fall down the stairs as people are running. We did 10 takes and 4 rehearsals for the stair fall. Yes, that means Jon and I had to do 14 stair falls over each other. We were padded up but we still ended up pretty bruised. It was some fun stuff! Let me know if you guys like the movie.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This week

Today Jon left to go work on Indiana Jones 4 back East for a few days. I will meet up with him at his mom's house in NJ on Sunday for his birthday. It is super cool that he is working on such great movie franchise.

My dad has been in town working on selling his show, Martial Arts Explorer. Since he was in town we decided to go to Disneyland yesterday. We had a great time but it was so crowded that it almost wasn't worth going. I guess I get spoiled living here and going on a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of September when the weather is great and there are no lines. I am still glad we went.

Monday, June 25, 2007

So funny...

I am sure most of you have already seen this because this guys is an internet celebrity but I just saw this yesterday for the first time and laughed my butt off. I don't usually share this kind of stuff but I couldn't resist...(click on the image to watch the video)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

I worked from 6pm Friday night until 6am Saturday morning, I slept 2 hours then got on a plane to fly up to Washington for a dear friends, Echo, wedding on Saturday night (we have been friends since we were 8, crazy). I was the maid of honor in the wedding so it was essential that I was there. I got there about 3 in the afternoon just in time to get ready for the wedding. I was so tired but Starbucks helped me make it through the day. We stayed up late and I got up early this morning and flew back to LA in order to be back in time to join a few other stunt guys to race go carts.

I was in WA for only about 16 hours. I had a great time at the wedding I only wish I could have staying in WA longer so I could see my family. I guess I will just have to make a trip up there some time during the summer.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


About a week and a half ago I was hired to be the double for the leading lady on National Treasure 2 for 2nd unit work. I didn't want to say anything because in this business nothing is for certain until you are at work. I am officially starting tonight so I thought is was safe to tell you all.

Sometimes they have two stunt doubles when they are filming two units at the same time. The main stunt double (a super talented stunt woman) and another friend of ours put my name in for it. I was so excited when I got hired. This is a lot of the same people who did the Pirate movies, so to work with them all is cool. They weren't sure when I would start but they colored my hair very blonde and cut a couple inches off to make me match the actress. They thought it would be 3-4 weeks of work originally but you just never know in this business it may just be a few days, either way I will take it!

Friday, June 01, 2007


I surprised Jon on our anniversary night and took him to Ruth's Chris Steak House in Beverly Hills for dinner and then we went to the musical Wicked. We had such a wonderful night.

Monday was my birthday and we also had a wonderful day. We spent the day at our friends pool BBQing and hanging out. Later that night a bunch of our friends went to dinner then we went back to our house for chocolate fondue fountain, which was the best part of the night, after that we played charades. It was such a great day.

The rest of the week we spent networking and working on potential jobs. Jon was hired to be the stunt coordinator for Spike TV's First Annual Guys Choice Awards. This is so cool for Jon. This is his third coordinating gig this month.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Jon and I!

Today is Jon and my 4 year anniversary! Each year just keeps gettting better and better. Being married is the one of the best gifts God has ever given me. To have someone to love and someone share life with is amazing. Words just can't discribe how much he means to me. At my wedding my minister said three keys to marriage are: friendship, fun and forgiveness. It is so true.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Head Shots

Let me start off by saying I am not too happy with these head shots. I paid a lot more for these ones than for the ones I got last year but I like the old ones better. I got new head shots for two reasons: one I have blonde hair now (my friend did change my hair color on my old head shot thanks to a little photo shop so I could have used that) and two I realized that I really needed to have 3/4 body shots for stunts so they can see what my body looks like. Here are my top three choices of 3/4 body shots where I am smiling. There are other good ones that aren't 3/4 and I am not smiling I look more serious. I need help deciding which pictures look best. Let me know what you all think I should use for my new head shots keeping in mind the goal is to look young, in shape, cute and just look good. I don't think these are the best pictures ever but they will work fine. (this last picture I just thought was good but I won't use it for stunts I may use it for my commercial head shot)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Work Yesterday and our first Stunt Awards

I had an interesting day of work yesterday. We were filming a car chase scene and I was riding passenger in a Shelby Mustang GT. We were coming hot around a corner and the driver lost the back end of the car and we smashed the back end into a cement column. The back window exploded on impact and the car buckled in half (we hit hard, I mean hard). This was not a planned car crash. I felt the car lose control and I braced my self for the crash. I think that is why I ended up relatively unscathed. I guess this is why they use stunt doubles, even if it is just riding passenger.

I was able to get off work early enough to show up about 15 minutes late to the stunt awards. I was so happy I was able to be there at all. I had such a great time. The after party was amazing! There was an open bar (of course), an incredible spread of food, and a live band. I was surprised at how many people I actually know after only being in the business for a short time. We had a great time at our first red carpet event. I can't wait for next year.

(The first picture is of Jon and I on the red carpet at the stunt awards. The second pictures is the same day when I was at work in wardrobe and makeup in front of the car I was in that we crashed accidentally)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our First Red Carpet Event

Tomorrow night is the Taurus World Stunt Awards, which is basically the stunt version of the Academy Awards. It is an award show honoring the best stunts performed in movies (doesn't include TV shows). This year the host is The Rock.

I have to work tomorrow but I am hoping to be off in time to at least make the after parties. Jon is going to go to the whole show with another stunt guy. Apparently there is a red carpet that you walk down and everything. I so hope I can make it. Make sure you watch the awards show. It airs on May 25 on AMC.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Work Schedule; 24 Hours in NYC

Things changed since I last wrote. I ended up not working as stunt coordinator covering the set for Jon because the job Jon took that wouldn't allow him to be there, he hired me for. The job was for a big big movie in New York. We got to work together for the first time with Jon as my boss (we all know who the real boss is haa haa). It was a huge job for Jon to get. We didn't really realize how big it was until we got there. Unfortunately I am not allowed to say anything about it, but when I can I will.

I flew in to New York from Seattle late Sunday night. I worked through the night Monday and went right from work to the airport early Tuesday morning and flew back to LA to be here for a rehearsal for a fight I am doing on Wednesday. I was supposed to fly out to Hawaii Wednesday night after work but I just found out that I won't be done with work in time to make the last flight out to Hawaii. It looks like they are going to have to use someone else. It really sucks to have to turn work down but at least it is because I am working on something else.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Work is Moving Right Along

We have had a phenomenal past couple of weeks as far as work is concerned. Today I had an interview with a stuntwoman's group. Basically there are three groups of stuntwoman with about 20 members in each group making up the top 60 stuntwoman in the business. I am being considered for the great honor of joining one of these groups of top notch stuntwoman. I can't even say how excited I am to even be considered after only being in stunts for a year and half. I feel so honored. I have to get letters of recommendations for stunt coordinators and some other information then I have to be voted in by the members. Pray that I get in. Even if I don't I am just happy to be considered.

The short movie that Jon is coordinating is shooting on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The big fight is on Sunday. He just got a call today to cover the set of a feature movie out in New York for a few days early next week. So he isn't able to coordinate the short on Monday and Tuesday because he will be working in NY so what does that mean... I am will be coordinating the last two days of the the movie. This is my first time being the boss and I am a little nervous. We aren't doing anything super hard but still.

I am getting new head shots today since I have changed my hair color since I got my last ones taken. Tonight I have rehearsals for an upcoming stunt fight then tomorrow I fly out to WA for a few days to see family and attend a bridal shower on Saturday. I fly back on Saturday night in time for work on Sunday morning. Busy busy. I couldn't be happier!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Martial Arts Explorer

Last fall when my dad left Lost he began working on a self created project called Martial Arts Explorer which is a documentary style TV show. Basically, they travel around the world studying different types of martial arts. It was an idea he began thinking of years ago but it wasn't until last year that everything began falling together. He was able to raise enough money to shoot the pilot. He was the director and executive producer of the TV show. My sister also worked as an associate producer.

Now he is working on selling the TV show to a network. If you would like to watch a 7 minute promotional video on his show click here. This is what he is presenting to different networks.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Triple Booked and Very Busy

For the first time I was offered to work on three different movies at the same time. I have been praying to be busy with work and I guess God was listening. One of the movies fortunately ended up being pushed back a week, another one is a short movie (typically under 17 minutes and they are usually filmed for festivals in hope that they will be made into a full length movie) which Jon is the stunt coordinator on so I turned him down and the third movie I took. It is only a few days of work but I am doubling one of the stars and I have a great knife fight. It should be fun. I had rehearsals yesterday for the fight and I think I had a smile on my face the whole time. I think fights are my favorite thing to do for stunts. It reminds me for doing a high energy dance routine. I love it!

We have been busy this week. Jon and I have been working on Jon's movie, choreographing a few fights, teach the actors and hiring the stunt folk. We also started taking Wushu classes which is a form of martial arts (used in such movies as The Matrix and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). We both enjoyed it.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I got back in LA yesterday from both South Carolina and New Jersey. We had a nice time visiting Jon's family. I didn't realize how many alligators there are in South Carolina. They are just hanging out on the golf course while you play. I am not a huge fan of alligators. I think of them as really really big spiders with large teeth. (this is a picture of an alligator Jon took on his camera phone while he was golfing)

We drove from SC to NJ on Friday morning and on Friday night we went to a Third Eye Blind (great 90's music) in the middle of no where in New Jersey in this small little venue. It brought back so many good high school memories.

Unfortunately, the show Drive that I worked on a bunch was cancelled after only airing three episodes. Apparently, they aren't even going to air the rest of the shows that we filmed. I guess that is show biz. It is a bummer because that was some good work and a good show.

The movie Next that both Jon and I (I doubled Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel when their regular doubles weren't available)worked on last summer opened this weekend. We haven't had a chance to go see but I looks pretty good.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

In Hilton Head Island SC

We flew in to New Jersey on Thursday night and we drove through the night and arrived in South Carolina yesterday. We are here vacationing for a week unless one of us gets a call for work and in which case we would head back to LA early. We are staying at a very nice resort and playing tennis and golfing all week (what a stereo type) but it should be fun. The weather was great today. I went for a nice jog along the beach today and saw a family of dolphins swimming right up on shore. It was amazing.

We drive back to NJ on Friday morning and then are head to a Third Day Blind concert (great 90's music) on Friday night which we have back stage passes too. We fly back to LA on Saturday morning. Here is a picture from the balcony of our villa (the picture was taken on my computer camera so it isn't the best but it gives you an idea).

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Worst Wig Ever

I hope all of you watched Drive on Sunday because I have been working on it a lot and I want the show to stay on the air. Here are two pictures from when I worked on the episode that aired Sunday. Like I said, I rode passenger during some of the high speed chases. As you can tell from the picture, the girl I am doubling (who happens to be the same girl that I worked with in Hawaii who was doubling Juliet and is pictures a few posts down my site) is taller than me but when you are riding passenger in a car that doesn't matter. It was funny doubling another stuntwoman.

We all had a good laugh about how awful the wig was. It didn't match Shawna's hair at all but it was a last minute thing so they did the best they could. Don't forget to watch Drive every Monday on Fox. I will be in some of the upcoming episodes.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Worked all Week

I worked all week on the new TV show Drive that premiers this Sunday on Fox. I worked on the pilot a few days also however you can't really tell it is me because I was riding passenger during some of the high speed chases. I can't even tell you how much fun it was. I worked a ton of hours this week and I am so beat today but I love I mean love to work. Sleepiness is nothing a little coffee can't solve.

Monday, April 09, 2007

"I Do My Own Stunts"

People always ask me if it is true when an actors says "I do my own stunts". Here is an interesting article about just that.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Show Last night

I was on Lost three times last night. Did you see me all three times? If you haven't scene the episode and plan to stop reading I don't want to spoil anything for you. Here is a picture taken of me and the other stunt girl after the fight in the rain and after working all night. We were very cold and very wet but we really had a good time.

It this picture I had to do a standing front flip to my back hand cuffed on to the cement. The only thing I was really nervous about was not getting high enough and hitting my head since I can't get any momentum. It turned out great and I only had to do it twice. If you go slow motion you can see that I was wearing a back bad so I didn't break my ribs.

The third picture is our big fight in the rain. They ended up cutting half of the fight out in the editing room, which is very normal for TV. It is always hard to see how they edited fights because when you do it you picture it differently. I still think it told the story.

The last stunt I honestly can't tell if it is me or Evie. We both did it a few times and I can't tell if it is her or me. I guess that is a good thing if I can't even tell if it is me or not. This was a super fun stunt. I loved rolling around in the mud.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I just wanted to thank The Lost Blog for taking their time to interview me and shed some light into the world of Lost through a stunt persons' eyes. I hope it's a welcomed perspective for their readers. If you want to read the interview click here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Legend Stuntwoman

I came across this article about an amazing classic stuntwoman, Jeannie Epper. She has been doing stunts forever and is one of the original stuntwomen. It is great to see stuntwoman getting acknowledge by the major media. Here is a great article in the USA Today that came out a few days ago about Jeannie. I had the privilege of working with Jeannie on Transformers last summer. She was so nice and apparently good friends of my dad. She said she worked for and with him many times and had some good stories to tell.

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Work on Lost

I was on Lost a few weeks ago (3/7/07) and I worked on the one that aired 3/14/07 but I was working when they aired and didn't have a chance to post pictures of what I did.

On the episode that aired 3/7/07 called Enter 77 I was doubling Kate when she was a attacked by Bea Klugh from behind the clothes rack. We wrestled around on the ground and then Klugh got the gun. I could only wear knee pads when I was tackled because of the wardrobe so when I hit the boxes then hit the ground I had to make sure not to slam my elbows on the cement. Falling on my own is easier than falling with someone else. You don't exactly know what they are going to do and on this stunt I was basically just going for the ride since Klugh's stunt double tackles me. Here is a picture of me and the other stunt double from the stunt.

On the episode that aired 3/14/07 called Par Avion I was flown out to double Kate in the scene shown in the picture (not me in the picture,it is Evi) where she climbs over on a tree. I rehearsed the stunt for camera and made sure it was safe but Evi actually did this stunt for camera. She did a great job and like I tell her she is a stuntwoman at heart. (BTW this was the scene they flew me out right before Christmas and I had to cancel a family Christmas party.)

I will try to be more timely in informing you all about when I am on and what I did.

Friday, March 23, 2007

I Crashed an Audition

I was hanging out with my friend yesterday who is a stuntwoman too and she got a call from her agent about a commercial audition for Friday. I immediately called my agent to see if she submitted me for the job. My agent told me that I wasn't signed with them when they put out the notice for the job. She said I can just try and show up and see if I can "sneak" in unnoticed. Most the time there is a list of people who are scheduled to come to the audition but sometimes there isn't. I figured I had nothing to lose by just showing up, so I did. Fortunately they didn't have anything formal and no list of names so I added my name on the sign in sheet and they called my name and I auditioned.

The friend that told me about the audition said she actually booked a commercial by sneaking in. This happens a lot and sometimes it pays off and other times it doesn't. I just say knock on as many doors as I can and the right ones will open. It was fun.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Got an Agent!

Today Jonathan and I got signed with a commercial stunt agent. There are two big main stunt commercial agents and we got signed with one of them. The agent is only for booking us on commercial work. We get our own work for TV and movies (stuntmen are different than actors we only need an agent for stunts for commercials). This is just another avenue for us to work.

I had my second audition on Monday. It was for a movie and I had to pretend to be drunk and dance in a congo line. Acting drunk is tougher than you may think. I didn't want to act too drunk and look like I was acting so I had a friend of mine come over and help me this weekend. I think it was helpful. Jon also went on the audition because they needed a guy too. It was fun because we got to be in the room together and dance together in the congo line. It felt kind of like Ben's wedding except I didn't have my boa :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Blonde Hair

Here is a quick picture I took with my camera phone to give you all an idea of my new blonde hair. It is fun. I so like being a blond better than a brunette. I don't think the hair people were very happy with me but they ended up working with what I had. I was worried because it is so blonde that the temp color would stain my hair but as you can see it didn't.

I am super happy I made the switch. I will post a better picture once I get one. (Tonia this is per your request!)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Work is Always Unexpected

I am on Lost this week. I will let you know where I am after the show airs.

I just got a call to fly out to Hawaii tomorrow for work. The down side is today I colored my hair really blond. I mean just a few hours ago. Not sure how that is going to work out but we will see. I guess I should start packing.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Doubling a double

Remember two weeks ago when I went on my first audition for a small stunt actor role? I ended up doubling the lady they they hired for that part. They were running two units at the same time so they needed one girl for one unit and one for another. It was really funny to double another stunt girl. I had to wear this awful wig and she said she now knows what actors may feel like when there doubles wig don't look anything like them. The wig was so bad on the set when people would look at me they got this big smile on their face and I could so tell they were laughing at me. I had fun day of work.

Last week Jon worked on rigging for motion capture. Motion capture according to wikipedia is "a technique of digitally recording movements for entertainment, sports and medical applications." They put people in wires and record their movement. The day he worked they were recording it for a video game. He had a fun day and I know he learned a ton.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not Much Going On

I haven't wrote in a bit because our life over the past week has been pretty low key...for once. It is a little strange but I am finding time to look in to things I have wanted to do. For example, I am looking to take some acting classes. Not because I want to be an actress but because the demand for stunt actors is grown. It is important for me to learn what I can in order to stay competitive. I have also been looking at taking a yoga class once a week. I have been trying out different schools looking for one that works for me. I am also looking at taking a martial art class. I think I might try wushu first to see if I like that.

We are finally feeling settled in our new home and our new city. I do miss living in Hawaii full time but I know that I have to be in LA. There are defiantly worse places to be (ie Chicago like Sean and Ben).

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On Monk this Friday

I worked on Monk last September and that episode is finally airing this Friday at 9pm on USA.

I have never actually seen the show before so I am looking forward to watching it. I have heard good things about it from people who have seen it (Amy). I will let you know what stunt I did after the show airs.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The glass is always half full

I heard back regarding the audition we went on last week. The director liked us and gave us the ok ie we were in but then the writer/producer wanted to just see who they casted and he said we were two young.

I was afraid that might be the case. The next youngest person at the audition was at least 10 years older than both of us. Call me optimistic but I was just happy to be asked to go to the reading AND be liked by the director even if they ended up using someone else. There will be many more opportunities for us in the future. I can't get up set in this business for not getting the job because I am too young. I know that won't be the case forever, so I will enjoy being too young while I can!

Monday, February 12, 2007

My First Audition

Last night I got a call from a stunt coordinator asking me about both Jon and my acting experience. I said that Jon had some and is pretty comfortable with acting however I had no experience (not even drama in high school) and that I wasn't that comfortable saying lines (because the one time I had to say lines on camera was with two very famous actors who are great at what they do and I had no idea what the heck I was doing). Ask me to get hit by a car, fall on my head but ask me to say lines and I feel like I am going to throw up.

He said there was an audition for two parts, a husband and wife, with a few lines, however they needed to be stunt people because there was a stunt involved. I told him Jon would go but I just don't feel comfortable saying lines.

This morning I was talking to my dad and he said I was an idiot and to call the stunt coordinator and ask him if it was too late for me to go to the audition. Reluctantly I listened to him and ended up going to the audition. It was scary but fun. I am sooooo glad I went. I am not sure how I did but it was good experience. Who knows what will happen but Jon and I did our best.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Swimming with Sharks

I didn't have to work on Wednesday so we went scuba diving. The water was really rough and we got pretty sea sick, but once we were in the water we were great. On the first dive the dive guide told us that sometimes there are sharks in this particular place. I was super excited but super nervous.

When I was in Florida back in November I dove in a 6 million gallon dive tank and there were 9 sharks (I think it was 9). There was one sand tiger shark in the tank that was 8.5 feet long, it was huge and scary. So I had recently dove with sharks but in nature it is much different than in a giant tank.

We got down in the water and immediately saw two sea turtles. We continued swimming and sure enough the dive guide gave the signal for shark and straight ahead there were two sharks at the entrance of a cave. It was super cool to see sharks in the wild. The sharks didn't care about us much and after a few minutes they swam away. It was a very cool experience.

I had a great week in Hawaii and hope that I get to go there again soon.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Enjoying Hawaii

I am enjoying Hawaii. It was so great because my mom and step dad ended up coming out to spend the week with me at the last minute. On Friday I was talking to my mom and telling her I was going to be in Hawaii for 6 days and I only had to work two and I would be lonely. I said that she should just come out for the week and my mom said, "sure, why not". I was so surprised at how spontaneous she was. It is great to have them here.

Tomorrow we are going scuba diving. I think we are going to dive a boat wreck. It should be fun.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Going to Hawaii

I am flying to Hawaii tomorrow to work. I will be there until next Friday. I am excited to spend a week in Hawaii. I only have to work two days so I will get to enjoy Hawaii the rest of the time.

I am not sure what I am going to do with my free time. I know on Tuesday my dad is flying over from the big Island and we are going to hang out. There is a possibility that I may have some guests but at this point that is still up in the air.

Luckily there is another girl flying in to work with me on Monday but she flies out on Tuesday, so I will at least have someone to watch the Super Bowl with. It would be depressing to watch the Super Bowl alone, even if you are in Hawaii.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Law and Order

Jon is on Law and Order this Friday on NBC. He is playing a college student (not doubling anyone) so you may actually be able to see his face. I am sure it will be very fast as it always is with stunt people. He thinks it should be toward the beginning of the episode. It should be good.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I worked on Monday

I worked Monday night on a new TV show called Drive. The show will be on Fox and with premier in April. It was a great night of work. I worked from 6pm to 6am. I was pretty tired when I got home, however, I slept 14 hours last night and feel great today.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Jon's Stunt Reel

I edited together a stunt reel for Jon. This is pretty much only the stuff he did on Lost last year. We will continue to add clips to this as we do more work. It just takes time to get the footage of the work we do. Turn the volume up on your compter when you watch it (for those of you who know me I am sure you won't be surprised I used 80's music for his reel).

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yesterday Jon and I went to Disneyland because we could. We didn't have anything going on and we have season passes so we jumped in our car to go play. We had a great day. There were hardly any people there, the sun was shining and it was perfect.

Today is back to "work". January is historically slow for the movie business (at least that is what I hear) so for work we hang out with stunt people, go visit the sets that are working (mostly just TV shows) and read up on what upcoming movies are going go begin. It is nice to just hang out but honesty I get board real fast and am looking forward to my next adventure, what ever that may be.

Friday, January 19, 2007

My Car Hit

I have had many people ask me what show my car hit was for (except one person who emailed me when she saw my car hit because she watches the show. I won't name names but you know who you are :) It was for the TV show One Tree Hill that airs on what is now known as the CW (formerly the WB). It originally aired November 28, 2006. I forgot to tell you all to watch because I was traveling so much, so I called the production office and asked them to send me a copy of the episode. I needed it anyway so I can add the actual footage to my stunt reel (the footage in my stunt reel Jon took on our camera which I think is better than what they got).

Here it is:

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our First Screening

Jon had a screening tonight for the TV show pilot he worked on back in November where he played Teen wolf. It was great. We were hoping to find out tonight if the show got picked up but we didn't find out. We are not sure when we will know but hopefully soon.

It was fun to be invited to a screening. Stunt people aren't usually invited to screenings but because Jon was a stunt actor he was invited to watch. I met the director of the show and the other actors and they were all nice. It is fun to be on the ground floor of a show where no one is famous and everyone is just excited for the opportunity. (By the way the show was super funny!)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Robbed again...

This time it is not our new car it is my identity. I found out today that someone has been using my social security number in California for the past five years for work purposes. I had to go down to the social security office and prove that my social security number is mine. Bastards! I am so over people steeling things from me.

So let me just recap the last 18 months of having stuff stolen:
  1. We had $8,000 worth of stuff stolen when our car was broken into in Hawaii
  2. We had our car stolen
  3. We had another car stolen (the one we bought to replace the other one that got stolen)
  4. My identity
Is it just me or do we get things stolen more than most? Please let me know because if this happens to everyone that is just crazy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Going Blonde...again

As with actors, when stunt people change their appearance it can have an effect on work. Until last August I had been a blond my whole life. I colored my hair last August brown so I would be not have to be wigged when I doubled Michelle and Evi. I have been missing my blond hair ever since and have decided to go back to being a blond. Before I took the plunge I talked to the very lovely hair people on Lost to see if it was ok. They said no problem and that they can use a mouse to darken my hair temporally when I work.

In LA you go to a colorist only, not just a regular hair person. So, I consulted my hair colorist (at John Frieda Salon in LA) and he said we have to do it in stages so I don't ruin my hair. I just finished stage 2 of three. I am finally starting look blond again (it looks a little warm still). Yeah! Once I am the color I want I will have to get new head shots which kinda sucks. However, blonds really do have more fun!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Headed to New Jersey

My friends who call me play the "Where in the world is Heather and Jon" game. I don't think I have been at my new place in LA for longer than 5 days since we moved in last October. Weather it is work or play or both we obtained a ton of frequent flyer miles this pass year.

Once again we are headed away for a week to the East Coast. I haven't been there since last January and I must say I am looking forward to some NJ style pizza. Really they have the best pizza ever. It is almost worth going there just for the pizza.

I am trying to set up some meeting with a few NY stunt coordinators to introduce my self. This is all part of being new in the business. It can be hard but so far all the East Coast guys have been great.

Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Car...Again

Last year I had two cars stolen, yes two with in two months of each other. Our last car was stolen in September and we have been in rental cars since then because we just couldn't decide on what car to get. We wanted something sporty but really didn't want to take the risk of yet another car getting stolen so we finally decided on a brand new Volvo S 40. It is red and super cute.

If this car gets stolen I think I will just ride the bus.