Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Transformers the movie opens this week. I worked on that movie last summer. There should be some great action scenes. I am in some of the big action sequences running and dodging from explosions, the robots (which are just poles in the street when we actually shot it) and things flying through the air.I haven't seen it yet but hopefully I will see it this week.

Jon and I are in a trailer for another movie that is untitled which is shown before Transformers starts. We fall down the stairs as people are running. We did 10 takes and 4 rehearsals for the stair fall. Yes, that means Jon and I had to do 14 stair falls over each other. We were padded up but we still ended up pretty bruised. It was some fun stuff! Let me know if you guys like the movie.

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The Ruzyla Family said...

Heather, you are one of the only girls I know that thinks falling down stairs and acquiring multiply bruises is fun! Miss you.