Monday, July 16, 2007

I love Summer Time!

I was sitting on my porch enjoying the sun thinking about how much I love summer. I enjoy drinking lemonade, reading a book by the pool, playing in a river and just about every other cliche summer activity there is. As I sat there I began to think how cool it would be to have an adult summer camp. Where you slept in cabins (not fancy ones but the crusty ones you slept in as a kid), paddle canoes, play on rope courses, go hiking, make smores and sneak out of our cabin to meet up with the boy cabin. Just like when you were a kid. Maybe it is just me but I think that would be so much fun.

Living in California I have the luxury of having warm weather most the year but there is just something in the air that makes people happier this time of year.

A few weeks ago we went go cart racing with a bunch of stunt guys and had an amazing time. Here is a picture taking right before I went on the track for the first heat of the night. I definitely will go back. Plus it helps with my stunt driving skills so I can consider it work training :)

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