Thursday, July 30, 2009

My 10 Year Reunion

I just got back from a week long trip to Washington for my 10 year class reunion. Last Thursday we flew into Pasco Washington because my elementary school's friend husband is a wine maker and they own a winery near there. We spent the day Thursday tasting wine from the barrels of their storage room and going to different tasting rooms around the are. How many times in your life can you drink wine from the barrel with the wine maker? He was telling us how he made the wines and tons of information about wine making in general. We learned so much.

Friday we spent the day on the Columbia river with some other friends of mine playing on a boat. On Saturday, before the reunion, we hung out at another friends of mine parents house and had a few beers. It still feels weird legally drinking around my high school friends parents. I think the highlight of the pre-party was when a girl I grew up with opened a beer with a can of chew. That was awesome!

Since the reunion was about 12 miles out in the country at a barn (yes our reunion was at a barn and hay bales were our chairs, so fun) and no one wanted to drive, we ended up renting a limo. Later I learned that this was some of my friends first time in a limo. Small towns are so cute!

The reunion it self was very fun. When I told people I was going to my 10 year reunion they said that it was going to be a brag fest but it wasn't. It felt to me like everyone was genuinely happy to see everyone.

I think the weirdest part for me was that a lot of people seemed old (aka very mature), not so much in apperance but in life. I think "real" jobs and the "real"world makes you have to grow up where as I live in a fantasy world where really no one grows up. That to me was the strangest part. I think LA is like Neverland, you don't grow up. I am very glad I went and look forward to the 20 year reunion!