Saturday, July 29, 2006

Havin' a good time

We are having so much fun in Washington. Today we spent the afternoon playing on the river and bridge jumping, then we drove across the Canadian border because some people we were with have never been to Canada before. Once we were in Canada we got some ice cream and hiked to a water fall. Tonight we had some good home cookin' bar-b-que, rode a mechanical bull and some people sang kaeroke. Both Jon and I ( I was in a skirt) rode the mechanical bull. It was so much fun. I will post the video of us riding the bull once I have a chance to upload it. I can't wait for the cattle drive, wedding, dinner and dancing tomorrow. I will post more when I get a chance. (one picture is of us we are eatting ice cream in Canada and one is of us at the barn dancing tonight, doesn't Jon look so country and so cute? What happened to my metro sexual husband?0

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Headed to Washington

We are headed to Washington for a Wedding this weekend. The funny thing is, the wedding is for a stunt guy that lives in California. I think it is funny because the wedding is in my home state. The wedding is actually 5 days of festivities that start today. We will be there tomorrow. The wedding is on a ranch and it has a cowboy theme so it should be really fun. I need to find a pair of cowboy boots which I won't usually wear (I think because I grew up in a cow town so I have issues with them) but I need to wear some for the wedding. They are having a cattle drive, we are floating the river, a kareoke night, camp fire and singing, a brunch the day after the wedding and on and on. We have a few friends coming too so it will be fun to hang out with them.

Here are a few pictures of when we went to Disneyland this last week.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Time to enjoy ourselves

We had a rough week last week so we decided to go enjoy ourselves tomorrow and go to Disneyland. For Jon and my birthday my dad bought us season tickets to Disneyland so now we can go when ever we want. It is great. Then tomorrow night we are going to Medieval Times for dinner. I have never been before so it should be a fun time.

As far as work is concerned, I took this week easy. I felt funky until today. They gave me pain medicine and I didn't take it with food and I got so sick for two days. So I was pretty much down all week. Jon on the other hand was the stunt coordinator for a commercial today and then got asked to coordinate another commercial in August and our friend asked him to coordinate his short movie for him, which is really cool. I was suppose to go to an Emmy party on Sunday night but I got hung up at the hospital. I heard it was a fun time.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

All Good!

I just heard that my MRI turned out fine. I am HEALTHY!!! They still aren't sure what happened to me. They are thinking that maybe I came in contact with some chemicals that made my pupil blow and fail some neurological tests. Strange. I am just happy I am ok.

Thanks for the love everyone! Hopefully this week will be better than the last.


I spent the past 24 hours in the hospital. It all started yesterday when I noticed in the mirror that my right pupil was much larger than my left one. I gave it some time to see if it would go away, then I called my wonderful aunt Mary (who is a nurse) to ask her what I should do. She advised me to go the emergency room because a "blown" pupil can be serious and could be related to head trauma, and considering that I wack my head around for a living I didn't want to take any chances. (In the picture you can see that one of my pupils is larger than the other one. It is an awful picture and I didn't really want to put it up but I figured I should so don't laugh at it. My pupil actually got worse than this at one point. If you click on the picture you can see it bigger. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I have one color-enhancing contact lense in, green, so don't be scared.)

I went to the emergency room and they said it was a good thing I came in. First they gave me a CAT scan to see if my brain was bleeding. The scan came back negative so they gave me several neurological tests, some of which I failed. Considering that I'm relatively young and in good health and failed these tests they admitted me to the hospital over night for further tests and observations. I told them I couldn't stay in the hospital tonight because I had an Emmy Nominees Party to attend, but they didn't listen, and I traded in the cocktail dress for a sexy backless hospital gown.

They did some more tests and I meet with the neurologist (I was disappointed that he was no where near as cute as McDreamy from Gray's Anatomy) and they still were not sure what was going on. Today they gave me a MRI. Not a hug fan of the MRI, I'll be honest. After some time they sent me home to wait for the test results. I should get the results tomorrow morning. I will be sure to post what the doctor says. It was a little scary last night but today my eye is looking better but they still don't know what is going on.

Thanks everyone so much for the support, phone calls, prayers, and hospital visits. It ment so much to me knowing that I have so many people who love me. It made my stay in the hospital much eaiser.

As I was getting out of the hospital I remembered only a week ago today our car was stolen. What a week!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Acura GS-R R.I.P.

Well, we finally saw what is left of our car. It was worse then we thought. Everything was gone, I mean everything. They took our engine, after market suspension, front brakes, seats, all but one wheel and tire, stereo, the floor carpet, they even took the V-Tec sticker on the back of our car. They were total professionals. They knew to take the numbers for the stereo out of the owners manual. However, they left their latex gloves they used to strip our car. They also left Jon's hockey stick but it looks like they used it because it was all scraped up. Here are some pictures of what was left (one pictues if where the engine use to be and the other is where the front seats use to be). Jon made a video of the car if you want to take a tour (click on the play button on the video at the bottom of this post to watch the video).

We ended up handing the title over to the towing yard, which by the way was super sketchy, and had to pay $200 for the tow before we could leave. It was a very sad day. Jon and I started our life together in that car. The car had lived with us in 5 different states. We drove across country in it when we moved to Colorado, when we moved to Washington, it went on a boat when we moved to Hawaii, and went on a boat when we moved to California. The car was good to us and I will miss him. We are now shopping for a new car. In the mean time we are in the rental.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Headed Back to Vegas

We are headed to Vegas tomorrow to check on the status of our car. No one seems to be able to tell us what actually remains. Do we have an engine, seats, wheels...? We were told it was "undriveable" and "stripped" but that was it. We have talked to both the towing company and the police and no one seems to know what is left of our car. We are headed there to have a look for ourselves.

We would have gone earlier in the week but I had to work on Tuesday and Jon had to finish his driving class. I didn't do the driving class with him because I got called to work instead. You always turn down training for work. Jon had a great time in the class and learned a lot. I will be taking the class in the next month work permitting.

Working on Transfomers and My Time in Vegas

On Tuesday (after sleeping 2 hours and having my car stolen the day before) I worked on the movie Transformers (Directed by Michael Bay and Executive Producer Steven Spielberg). It was a super interesting day at work. There was tons of action going on but I don't think I can go into detail about what we did. We were not even allowed to have cameras on set. One guy got caught taking pictures and he had to give his camera over so they could delete the pictures he took, so with that being said you will just have to see the movie when it comes out next year. Even though they are still filming the movie there is already a trailer out. To watch the trailer click here. It should be a good movie.

We spent last weekend in Vegas for our friends bachelor party. We had a great time however our trip was over shadowed by getting our car stolen. On Saturday night it was boys only so I hung out with one of the other wives at the new hotel Wynn. On Sunday night we all went to Light, a club in the Bellagio hotel. The bouncer was a real jerk and he thought he was the cats meow. Once we got in we had a great time. It was a bit pretentious for me but the music was fun. We danced our hearts out. The best part of the trip was when we played laser tag on Monday. I am not a huge fan of Vegas but I had a nice time, mostly because we got to see old friends. I am looking forward to the wedding in September.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Robbed...Again The Whole Story

On Saturday morning Jon and I drove to Las Vegas for our friend Sean's bachelor party. We had a great time (I will post more about our trip later). We had to drive home on Monday night in order to make it home for our driving class on that started Tuesday. At 5 pm we headed to our car when we realized our car was not where left it. After a few hours of searching the 10 story parking garage the hotel security determined the car must have been stolen. Apparently, there are 3-5 cars a day stolen from the hotel parking lot. 3-5! Isn't that crazy. When we were in the hotel security office another girl came in the office because her car had also been stolen. After a few hours we filled out the proper paper work and talked to the Las Vegas Police.

When we were trying to figure out how we were going to get back to LA in time for our stunt driving class in the morning I got a phone call at approximately 9:45pm asking me if I was available to work on Transformers on Tuesday. Of course I said yes because you never turn down work. Even though I wasn't sure how I was going to get home I knew I would be there in time for my 8:30 am call. Long story short we ended up renting a car. About 2:30 am we were two blocks from home in the rental car after we just had our car stole and we got pulled over by the cops. We end up getting a ticket for passing on the right. How is that even possible? I told the cops "thanks for kicking us when we are down". He was not very nice.

We got to bed a little after 3:15am and received a phone call from the Las Vegas PD at 3:30am (we were still awake). They were letting us know they found the car and were towing on a flat bed because it was undrivable, whatever that means. They were unsure of why the car was undrivable or what shape the car was in and told us to call the tow yard. The towing yard wouldn't give us any information because they said it was our insurance companies job to come to the tow yard to look at it. Well, we didn't have theft insurance on the car so the insurance company wouldn't come look at it. So today we are left not knowing what the status of our car is and we can't get to Vegas until Friday because Jon is the the stunt driving school until then.

I still can't belive our car was stolen.

Friday, July 07, 2006

At Work

I am at work right now in between shots. I was in the first shot of the day and the last so I have a couple hours to hang in my dressing room before I am needed again. I got to take my wig off in between shots which was really nice because wearing wigs for a long period of time sucks. Your head feels like it is being squeezed for hours.

Each time I am on set I learn something new. Today I learned I need to get more pads. I have the basic knee and elbow pads but I need to get a ton more. You need hard and soft pads and thin ones (you use those when you have tight wardrobe) thinker ones, hip pads, ankle pads, shin pads, tail bone pads, big and small back pads, collar bone pads...and the list goes on and on. I could have used more pads today but it ended up working out fine. Live and learn as my dad says.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Crazy Jersey Boys

The last couple days we have been hanging out with some seriously Jersey boys (although one of them now lives in Manhattan). Some of Jon's friends (mine friends now too) flew out from New Jersey to spend a few days on the west coast. These boys are the most high maintenance guys I have ever seen. They all take longer than me to get ready and they wear more product on their bodies than I even knew was possible. They are all really nice guys and spending the past few days with them was a fun experience. They are all single and on the "hunt" all weekend. I learned a lot about single guys and single girls. It is crazy out there in single land. I would tell you some of the stories but I don't think it would be audience appropriate. I must say I am super happy to not be in single land anymore. Can't wait for the crazy Jersey boys to come visit again. (Picture: Manny (the one flossing his teeth), Jon, Mikey and I (not pictured: Frankie) getting ready to go out for the evening.)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Doubling Jessica Biel

I just got hired to double Jessica Biel on the movie Next (the same movie I just worked on doubling Julianne Moore) next Friday! Isn't that great. Her normal double for this movie isn't available to work on Friday so they asked if I was available. She is a bit taller than me but I will be in a car so it doesn't really matter.

Doubling Julianne Moore on Thursday and Friday was super fun. On Thursday I tested a rig that special effects set up and then taught Julianne how to do it. It was easy, all she had to do was lay there and not move. She as a really really nice lady to work with. On Friday, Julianne wasn't there and I ended up having to say lines on camera with Nick Cage. The camera was over my shoulder looking at Nick so all they see of me is the back of me. They will cut my voice out but Nick needed something to act against. It was my first time saying lines on camera and it was soooo scary. It was like playing golf for your first time with Tiger Woods and your performance effected how well he did. Yeah, it was scary. I figured out that stunts are so much more fun than saying lines for me. I totally prefer getting thrown around and dirty than talking on camera. Perhaps I should take some acting classes so I get more comfortable talking on camera, because I may be in this position again. Maybe it wouldn't have been as scary if it wasn't Nick Cage I had to act with for my first time. Gosh I love my job!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Jon!!

Jon turns 26 today. Man is he getting old. Here are some of my favorite pictures of him this year (I tried not to put pictures of him that were already on my site). I love you sweetie and happy birthday!