Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Robbed...Again The Whole Story

On Saturday morning Jon and I drove to Las Vegas for our friend Sean's bachelor party. We had a great time (I will post more about our trip later). We had to drive home on Monday night in order to make it home for our driving class on that started Tuesday. At 5 pm we headed to our car when we realized our car was not where left it. After a few hours of searching the 10 story parking garage the hotel security determined the car must have been stolen. Apparently, there are 3-5 cars a day stolen from the hotel parking lot. 3-5! Isn't that crazy. When we were in the hotel security office another girl came in the office because her car had also been stolen. After a few hours we filled out the proper paper work and talked to the Las Vegas Police.

When we were trying to figure out how we were going to get back to LA in time for our stunt driving class in the morning I got a phone call at approximately 9:45pm asking me if I was available to work on Transformers on Tuesday. Of course I said yes because you never turn down work. Even though I wasn't sure how I was going to get home I knew I would be there in time for my 8:30 am call. Long story short we ended up renting a car. About 2:30 am we were two blocks from home in the rental car after we just had our car stole and we got pulled over by the cops. We end up getting a ticket for passing on the right. How is that even possible? I told the cops "thanks for kicking us when we are down". He was not very nice.

We got to bed a little after 3:15am and received a phone call from the Las Vegas PD at 3:30am (we were still awake). They were letting us know they found the car and were towing on a flat bed because it was undrivable, whatever that means. They were unsure of why the car was undrivable or what shape the car was in and told us to call the tow yard. The towing yard wouldn't give us any information because they said it was our insurance companies job to come to the tow yard to look at it. Well, we didn't have theft insurance on the car so the insurance company wouldn't come look at it. So today we are left not knowing what the status of our car is and we can't get to Vegas until Friday because Jon is the the stunt driving school until then.

I still can't belive our car was stolen.

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sj said...

Sorry again about that Heather...I was just trying to get you guys to stay a little longer...

Thanks again for coming out. Hope you get blown up a lot by giant killer robots...