Sunday, July 02, 2006

Doubling Jessica Biel

I just got hired to double Jessica Biel on the movie Next (the same movie I just worked on doubling Julianne Moore) next Friday! Isn't that great. Her normal double for this movie isn't available to work on Friday so they asked if I was available. She is a bit taller than me but I will be in a car so it doesn't really matter.

Doubling Julianne Moore on Thursday and Friday was super fun. On Thursday I tested a rig that special effects set up and then taught Julianne how to do it. It was easy, all she had to do was lay there and not move. She as a really really nice lady to work with. On Friday, Julianne wasn't there and I ended up having to say lines on camera with Nick Cage. The camera was over my shoulder looking at Nick so all they see of me is the back of me. They will cut my voice out but Nick needed something to act against. It was my first time saying lines on camera and it was soooo scary. It was like playing golf for your first time with Tiger Woods and your performance effected how well he did. Yeah, it was scary. I figured out that stunts are so much more fun than saying lines for me. I totally prefer getting thrown around and dirty than talking on camera. Perhaps I should take some acting classes so I get more comfortable talking on camera, because I may be in this position again. Maybe it wouldn't have been as scary if it wasn't Nick Cage I had to act with for my first time. Gosh I love my job!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, you are having too much FUN!!! Are you sure this is called WORK??? We are thrilled for both you and Jon and hope you continue to land jobs...Aunt Mary and Uncle Riley