Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Crazy Jersey Boys

The last couple days we have been hanging out with some seriously Jersey boys (although one of them now lives in Manhattan). Some of Jon's friends (mine friends now too) flew out from New Jersey to spend a few days on the west coast. These boys are the most high maintenance guys I have ever seen. They all take longer than me to get ready and they wear more product on their bodies than I even knew was possible. They are all really nice guys and spending the past few days with them was a fun experience. They are all single and on the "hunt" all weekend. I learned a lot about single guys and single girls. It is crazy out there in single land. I would tell you some of the stories but I don't think it would be audience appropriate. I must say I am super happy to not be in single land anymore. Can't wait for the crazy Jersey boys to come visit again. (Picture: Manny (the one flossing his teeth), Jon, Mikey and I (not pictured: Frankie) getting ready to go out for the evening.)


sj said...

what's with the checkered armband? is that an LA thing?

Heather Arthur said...

Not sure because Manny (the guy flossing) is wearing one and he lives in Manhatton. Perhaps it is fashionable for guys to wear arm bands and you didn't get the memo. :)