Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Hawaii

Last minute I decided to fly to Hawaii to see Jon because he was here working on Lost. He extended his trip (he was done Tuesday night) so we could take a mini vacation. We spent the last couple of days at a nice resort in Wakiki which was funny since we lived like a half a mile from where we were staying. We had a really great relaxing time. There were two other family friends of our that were on vacation too. We had a really great time.

Today every one went home except me, I flew to Kona to see my dad, sister and step mom. I will be here until Wednesday enjoying my family.

It is always hard to leave town because of work. Since I have been here I have had 4 work calls. I guess at some point you just have to live life knowing there will always be another job.

Here is a fight I did a while ago for a movie called Stiletto. They cut it so much on the editing table it makes it hard to understand but I figured I would share it with you all. I am doubling the blonde girl...

Here is the post where I mentioned this movie and posted a view click here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


My stair fall went great on Friday. I still laugh at my self that I do things like throw myself down a stair case and love it. I know it is weird. Jon is still in Hawaii. I miss him so much but am happy he is working.

Cali the new dog is settling in fine. Her and Jon's movie came out this weekend, I love you man. I haven't seen it yet but will on Tuesday. I am still sick but I think I may be getting better, I hope anyway.

We got a new bedroom furniture set this week. I feel like such a grown up. Jon and I have been so transient since we have been together that we have never bought a bedroom set. We literally leave our cloths on the floor in closet in stacks but not anymore with our new dresser. We are so grown up. Hers is a picture of our new bed room furniture.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Jon is in Hawaii working on Lost. He left on Sunday and won't get back until some time next week. I am work a few days this week including a stair fall on Friday which should be fun.

Last night when I got off work after midnight sometime I blew a tire. I was stuck on the side of the road for over an hour. Not my favorite place to be with all the drunks on the road for St. Patrick's day.

I have been sick and trying to get over bronchitis for over 10 days. I hate being sick. I haven't worked out in forever which is really hard for me because I usually so am active. I have been stuck at home but on the bright side I have been able to hang out with my new dog, Cali. She is super sweet and fitting right in.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Reminder...

I came across this article about Daniel Radcliffe's aka Harry Potter, stunt double who was seriously injured on the set of the new Harry Potter movie. He just learned he will never walk again. I can't imagine how hard it is for an athlete to hear that news. My heart and prayers go out to him. Here is the article...

"Radcliffe's Stunt Double 'Paralysed'
15 March 2009 7:15 AM, PDT - source IMDB

Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double wept after he was told he will never walk again following an accident on the set of the new Harry Potter movie, according to reports.
David Holmes was hospitalised in January with a back injury after falling from a harness at Leavesden Studios, near Watford, Hertfordshire, where he was practising flying scenes for the forthcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
The 25-year-old had surgery at the hospital, which specialises in spinal injuries.

Holmes' family published a message on his personal Facebook page to let friends know he was confident of a recovery: "David wants to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and wishes. And don't worry... the stunt-runt will be back."

But now doctors have delivered the devastating news that Holmes will be confined to a wheelchair and will never be able to walk again, according to Britain's The People newspaper.
A source tells the publication, "David is struggling to come to terms with the news. It's terrible news but his family and friends are trying to offer him as much support as they can.

"He is young and was very good at his job. But his life will be completely altered now."
But Holmes refuses to give up hope, despite the doctors' diagnosis.
The source adds, "Although David has been told he'll never walk again he is still not giving up hope. Deep down he knows it's unlikely but it's still early days and so he's not giving up completely."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our New Dog...

Not sure what possesed us but Jon and I got a new dog but she is not just any dog she is staring in the upcoming movie I love You Man. You may have seen her in the previews but if not she is a super cute puggle that is about the same age as the puggle we already have. We got her today on a trail basis to see how she fits into our family. We have an agreement with the studio that she is our dog unless they need her for another movie and in that case she would work and then come home after the show. She is our movie star dog. If you want to see the trailer she is in click on the image below.

The best part of the story is Jon doubled the star of I Love You Man, Paul Rudd. Unfortunatly they cut most all of his stunts out but you will be able to see them on the deleted scenes on the DVD. Jon actually met our new dog on the movie set last year. Strange how small this business is. Her name was Jewel but we changed it to Cali for California. She is our California girl. Make sure you go see the new movie I love You Man that opens March 20 to see Cali and Jon!