Sunday, March 22, 2009


My stair fall went great on Friday. I still laugh at my self that I do things like throw myself down a stair case and love it. I know it is weird. Jon is still in Hawaii. I miss him so much but am happy he is working.

Cali the new dog is settling in fine. Her and Jon's movie came out this weekend, I love you man. I haven't seen it yet but will on Tuesday. I am still sick but I think I may be getting better, I hope anyway.

We got a new bedroom furniture set this week. I feel like such a grown up. Jon and I have been so transient since we have been together that we have never bought a bedroom set. We literally leave our cloths on the floor in closet in stacks but not anymore with our new dresser. We are so grown up. Hers is a picture of our new bed room furniture.

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Auntie Mary said...

Love the you!!!