Friday, April 28, 2006

My Last Day of Work for Season 2

Yesterday was my last day of work in front of the camera for season 2 of Lost. I had a fun easy day of doing stunts. After the show airs I will post the pictures we took of the day. I have really enjoyed working on Lost this year. We have such a great crew and I have enjoyed gettting to know them. I look forward to coming back next year for season 3. I have learned so much and feel ready to jump into the LA stunt scene.

Next weeks show is where I got my face cut up so make sure you watch.

On a side note, Jon and I will have new phone numbers effective May 7. We have the new numbers already so if you want our new numbers send me an email (I don't want to post it for obvious security reasons).

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Water Park, Jack, Ben and Willie

Yesterday we went to the water park here in Hawaii with my sister, Jon and a few of our friends. It was great fun. I just love water slides. I got a little sunburned even though I put on lots of sun screen. (Here is a picture of me from the water park. I just love water proof cameras.)

Tonight we are headed to the Kokua Festival which is a Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper concert in Waikiki in the out door stadium. I am super stoked. I have seen Ben in concert before but never Jack. I think it will be a good time.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Kava is a drink that is popular to Hawaii. Described by as "A soothing drink with proven medicinal effects, kava is now available to anyone seeking to calm nerves or ease stress as well as anxiety while combating fatigue the natural way. " Apparently no trip to Hawaii is complete with out trying Kava. As we get ready to leave Hawaii we decided to try this much talked about drink. There is a kava bar in downtown Kona so we headed there last night. Kava is grayish brown and looks like muddy river water. It smells herbally and tastes bitter but I drank it anyway.

I felt fine until the ride home when I had Jon pull the car over so I could throw up. The kava made me so sick I felt like I had drank too much alcohol the night before. The side effects for me felt exactly like a hang over. Once I got home I passed out on the couch and didn't move for hours. I was up all night going to the bathroom because apparently it is also a diaretic. My point, stay away from kava. It is nasty.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back in Kona

We flew to the Big Island yesterday to spend time with the family for Easter and tie up lose ends before we move to LA in May. Yesterday after we dropped off our car on the boat bound for LA we decided to go visit the ever erupting volcano. In order to see the hot lava you have to be there at night. There is about a 1.5 mile hike over old lava fields to get the best view of the hot lava, so set out at dusk on the hike. We ended up walking to the furthest point we were allowed to. It was super cool. We still couldn't get that close but it was still really interesting to see. The lava was flowing into the ocean and creating what they call vog or what looks like steam. I think my sister put it best, "vog is like the earth's fart".

In the picture of me, you can see where the lava flowed over the road. In the picture of Jon you can see the lava flowing into the ocean and the vog it is creating. You can also see it is rough terrain to hike over which makes the 1.5 mile hike feel like a lot longer.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Doubling Kate

Did you see me in the show tonight? I was picked up in the net after Kate grabbed the doll, then dropped 6 feet or so once they shot themselves free. It was a good day of work. We flew the guy who doubled Jack in from California. We had two days of rehearsal for the stunt and Jon was the stand in double for Jack when we were rehearsing since the other guy only came out for the actual stunt. I am on the next new episode (I think it is a few weeks). I was in the preview for next show doubling Ana Lucia. Could you tell on the preview what I was doing when I doubled Ana Lucia? If not, you will have to wait until it airs and I will let you know and post pictures.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Did you see me?

I was in Lost tonight doubling Ana Lucia. I was in the armory before Siyad attempts to shoot Henry and I disarm him. It was a fun stunt. Nice and easy. How about that high fall? A good friend of my dad's flew out from LA to it for us. Here is a picture of Jon rehersing some shots for the actor in front of the blue screen. It was a fun day of work.