Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back in Kona

We flew to the Big Island yesterday to spend time with the family for Easter and tie up lose ends before we move to LA in May. Yesterday after we dropped off our car on the boat bound for LA we decided to go visit the ever erupting volcano. In order to see the hot lava you have to be there at night. There is about a 1.5 mile hike over old lava fields to get the best view of the hot lava, so set out at dusk on the hike. We ended up walking to the furthest point we were allowed to. It was super cool. We still couldn't get that close but it was still really interesting to see. The lava was flowing into the ocean and creating what they call vog or what looks like steam. I think my sister put it best, "vog is like the earth's fart".

In the picture of me, you can see where the lava flowed over the road. In the picture of Jon you can see the lava flowing into the ocean and the vog it is creating. You can also see it is rough terrain to hike over which makes the 1.5 mile hike feel like a lot longer.

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