Sunday, November 27, 2005

Can you ever be board in Hawaii?

Every morning this week I woke up and said "What should we do today". If you enjoy being outside there is so much to do in Hawaii that you could never be board. Today we went snorkeling at Two Step. This is a great place to snorkel because of the lava formations. The highlight of the day was swimming with the wise owl of the ocean, a large sea turtle. When I was swimming with him it felt so majestic. The only thing missing was Enya playing in the back ground. It was like a scene right out of the movies.

I have had fun this week in Kona. We have stayed busy enjoying all Hawaii has to offer.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Boogie Boarding and Body Surfing

I am enjoying some free time this week. We have spent the last three days at the beach playing in the crystal clear water. It is so much fun but exhausting after a while. I got a bit sun burned even with sun screen on. We bought some boogie boards and are having a ball with them (the locals call it a body board). My brown hair is starting to fade out to a redish color from being in the sun and I just hate it. I guess there is not much to do now. I will dye it brown again once I am ready to leave Hawaii for the holidays.

I was in the store today and they were playing Christmas music as I was shopping for tank tops and bathing suits. It just felt super weird to have Christmas music on when it is 80 degrees out side. I love Christmas so much but it is hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it is hot outside and my legs hurt from my sun burn.

FYI I am not in this weeks LOST but I am in next weeks, so stay tuned. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Did you see me?

I was in the show in last night, could you tell when it was me? I was in 5 difference scenes: in the opening water scene I was in the water swimming to shore, when the Others took the kids and Ana Lucia chased to get the kids, I was the one who fought with the other (I got closed lined then we fought on the ground), I kicked Nathan in the face, I fought with Goodwin then fell down the hill, and last but not least my now famous fall in the tiger pit that was also seen in episode 3.

The hardest scene for me to shoot for this episode was the fall down the hill. I stood at the top of the hill and stared down at the torn bushes and realized I don't have sleeves on my wardrobe, I realized how steep the hill looked from the top and Iknew that I was born to do stunts. I couldn't wait for the chance to prove myself. They said action and I voluntarily threw myself down the hill. It was the best feeling when I hit the bottom and I know Tris (the other stunt guy) and I nailed it. Then I hear those all to famous words: "Great job, lets do it again." I think that was the hardest part. Having to do it again knowing what I was in for. I was picking thorns out of my arms for days and I still have a small scare on my arm from the fall. All the while I was so happy to have thorns in my arms and bruises on my body because I get to play for a living. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my job. (By the way, they used the first take in the show tonight. That's show biz!)

Jon was also in the first scene of the show and had a great close up in the opening scene and he was in the scene when they were chasing the chicken (if he ever posted to his blog I am sure he would tell you all about how it).

I got a few emails from people who noticed me on some of the shots. Nice work. Here are some pictures of Jon and I doing the stunts from the show.

Monday, November 14, 2005

My Dressing Room

Stunt people get their own dressing rooms like actors. Here is my dressing room when I was doubling Kate. I am having such a fun time doing stunts. It kinda sucks because I can't talk about what we are working on, but trust me it is good stuff. I can say that this week's episode will have me in 4 scenes, so you better all watch. I will post pictures on Thursday from the episode.

I don't work for a few weeks. It is hard because I work a few days on one episode then don't work for a while. The stunt business is great but unpredictable. We are planning a trip out to LA to network and to work on our stunt skills like working on air rams. It should be fun. I will let you know when exactly we are flying out to LA. It looks like it will be the first part of December. Stay tuned to find out...

Thursday, November 10, 2005


It is always interesting to work on a scene and then see how they edit the scene together. In case you didn't see me on the show I was on the side of the mountain when they were passing Sawyer in the stretcher. It was a fun scene to work on that took two days of work, one day of rehearsal and one day of filming which turned out to be about 10 seconds on show.

Jon and our friend Mike Trisler were the riggers for the shot, meaning they put us all in harnesses and tied us up safely to the trees incase we fell. They did a great job. Here are a few pictures from the two days of work. (Top Picture: Me in custom working on the shot, Middle Picture: Me and Mike Trisler testing the length of my rope, Next Picture: Jon, Mike Trisler and Rand working on the rigging day, Bottom Picture: Jon and Mike Rigging)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New LOST Tonight

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting the new episode of LOST tonight (it has been reruns the last two weeks). It is going to be a good one. I am in tonight's episode doubling Ana Lucia. If you don't see me in the show tonight I will let you know tomorrow what I was doing and post some pictures from the stunt.

I work again on Thursday but then could be off until after Thanksgiving. It is weird to only work a few days a month, however, it seems like I am working a lot more than that learning, learning, learning. Weather it be training and learning how to do new skills or hanging out on set watching how they do everything. I stay busy, but thankfully not as busy as when I worked in corporate America.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Head Shots

Here are a few of the best head shoots. I like the one where I am wearing red the best.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Here are some pictures taken in the past few weeks. If you click on the picture you can see the image larger. (Upper Left: Jon going through make up, Middle Left: Me, Jon, Eve, and Andrea, Bottom Left: Jon and Georgia the dog on Halloween, Upper Right: Me at Laniki Beach, Middle Right: Me, Arron and Kelley riding dirt bikes, Bottom Right: Jon riding a dirt bike)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Head Shots and work

The guy who is hired by ABC to take the promotional pictures for Lost took my head shoots this morning...for free. Isn't God great! He used it as a training session for a friends son. We saw a few of the shots on his digital camera and they looked great. I will get the pictures on Thursday and I will post a few of my favorites.

I work on Thursday for Eve (Kate). I am never quite sure what I can say and what I can't say about what I am doing for stunts. I think I will hold off talking about this stunt because a closed mouth holds no foot, meaning I don't want to say something I shouldn't and lose my job.

This picture was taken on Saturday. We spent all day riding dirt bikes right on the beach. It was just beautiful. This was taken at the end of the day so we look a little tired.