Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Did you see me?

I was in the show in last night, could you tell when it was me? I was in 5 difference scenes: in the opening water scene I was in the water swimming to shore, when the Others took the kids and Ana Lucia chased to get the kids, I was the one who fought with the other (I got closed lined then we fought on the ground), I kicked Nathan in the face, I fought with Goodwin then fell down the hill, and last but not least my now famous fall in the tiger pit that was also seen in episode 3.

The hardest scene for me to shoot for this episode was the fall down the hill. I stood at the top of the hill and stared down at the torn bushes and realized I don't have sleeves on my wardrobe, I realized how steep the hill looked from the top and Iknew that I was born to do stunts. I couldn't wait for the chance to prove myself. They said action and I voluntarily threw myself down the hill. It was the best feeling when I hit the bottom and I know Tris (the other stunt guy) and I nailed it. Then I hear those all to famous words: "Great job, lets do it again." I think that was the hardest part. Having to do it again knowing what I was in for. I was picking thorns out of my arms for days and I still have a small scare on my arm from the fall. All the while I was so happy to have thorns in my arms and bruises on my body because I get to play for a living. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my job. (By the way, they used the first take in the show tonight. That's show biz!)

Jon was also in the first scene of the show and had a great close up in the opening scene and he was in the scene when they were chasing the chicken (if he ever posted to his blog I am sure he would tell you all about how it).

I got a few emails from people who noticed me on some of the shots. Nice work. Here are some pictures of Jon and I doing the stunts from the show.


Jersey Mom said...

Heather, your performance on last night's show was amazing, totally professional. If I didn't know any better I'd think you'd been doing this all your life. It must be in your genes (thanks Mike!). The fight scenes were great. Are you sure you're not a Jersey Girl?!? The Edgewood crew was yelling at the TV cheering you on. Stellar performance...keep up the good work. Isn't it wonderful to love your job!!! Miss you guys...40 days!

Stunt Dad said...

Heather, I am so proud of you. I know you will do great in the BIZ. I hope you will always be so happy doing stunts. I have loved every minute of my thirty-some years doing stunts.


NanaMary said...

oops...I posted on the wrong part of the blog...check out my comment for 11/16 on the 11/14th post...Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Chris,
Sweet job! I knew it was you in that swimming scene. That hill fall must have been fun with the weeds, I guess that is why it is called work! At least you didn't have to do it too many times. I suppose the digital technology really helps review the shot quickly.

I am glad you are posting pics because Jon hasn't updated his blog in weeks!

Take care,

Chris and Lynn