Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stunt Reel

Here is the new (as of 8/30/07) version of my stunt reel. This is basically my resume I will hand out to stunt coordinators. This is just the footage from season 2 of Lost, my car hit from One Tree Hill and my work on Monk. I don't have anything I did this summer (like Transformers or doubling Juilianne Moore and Jessica Beil) because I don't have the footage. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy!

Make sure the volume is turned up on your compter.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My First Ambulance Ride

Well, I did my tough stunt last night and honestly it could have gone better. I got hit by a car as I walked across the street...on purpose, twice. I took a pretty hard hit to the head on the second take. Getting hit by the car was fine it was falling off the car that sucked. I got accidentally thrown off the top of the car because the driver swerved and the momentum threw me off and I landed on cement directly on my head. Luckily I had a small pad in between my wig and my head that I just happened to hit when I landed. Once I landed I knew I was hurt. They had a ton of paramedics and an ambulance on set ready in case something happened. They all rushed into check on me. I tried to sit up but I was really dizzy and couldn't. I am assuming it must be what boxers feel when they get knocked out and try to get up. I felt like I was drunk.

As a form of precaution they took me to the hospital with a neck brace on. I had a CT scan to make sure my brain wasn't bleeding and I didn't break my neck. I ended up having a concussion but after a few hours they let me go back to the hotel. The good news is they got the shot and it looks super cool. It is all just part of the job. I think every stuntman has their story or stories of work injuries. We flew Jon out so he was there which made me feel a ton better.

I am totally fine today I just feel a bit dizzy which is just part of the concussion. Thanks for everyone's prayers. When I can I will put the car hit video up.

Friday, October 20, 2006

My Hardest Stunt

I just got hired to do the hardest stunt yet. I guess a few other girls turned it down because it will be scary. I am super excited and super nervous. I will be doing it next Wednesday so please pray all goes well. Unfortunatly, I can't say what it is for (not Lost if you were worndering) but I am flying out to the East Coast to do it. I will be sure to let you all know at the right time what and when to watch.

Sorry I am not doing a great job of keeping up with my blog. I have been on the road traveling for about three weeks. We finally moved into our new apartment on Wednesday but we don't have internet service. I am at a friends house right now shopping on line for a refirdgerator because our apartment didn't come with one (most all apartments in LA don't have a fridge). My new aparment building feels like the aparments on Melrose Place. There is a super cute court yard with a pool they light up at night and lots of flowers and palm trees. I think it will work great for us although, we aren't home very much. Heck I will be gone almost all week next week on the east cost for work then I am home for two weeks then gone for a month then home for three weeks then gone for a few weeks again. Busy, busy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On Lost This Week

Remember last week when I said I was on Lost and I thought my scene was cut well I heard it will be on this weeks Lost. I don't know for sure but that is what the rumor is. Look for me and I will let you know.

We are starting our road trip today down to California with the Uhaul and our furniture. We will be moving into our new apartment tomorrow. I can't wait.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shopping Marathon

I have been spending the last few days just outside Portland OR with my mom and the whole time I have been here we have been shopping for furniture for my new apartment I move into next week in California (I bet you are asking why I am shopping in Portland when I am moving to California well because there is no sales tax in Oregon and we have to drive past Oregon on our way to California anyway). We have to drive our belongings that we put in storage last year when we moved to Hawaii down to California. I all but refused to move our couch we bought used in college for $75 down to California. We already moved this couch, reluctantly, from Colorado to Washington after we graduated. I am not in college anymore and I just want real furniture. In the last three days we bought a new leather couch and love seat, coffee table, end tables, real framed art, a dining room set and little decorations to match our new furniture. I am super excited and feel so grown up.

We have spent the last year living out of the two suite cases we moved to Hawaii with. It has been really weird living out of suite cases for over a year, not really having a home, and being so transient. I don't this to changing anytime soon except we will now just have a home base and an address. I am enjoying this time on my live. It is very exciting and I never get board.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


The scene I was in for Lost last night was cut from the show. This happens a ton in movies but hasn't happened to me yet on Lost. That is just show biz. Jon is in next week's Lost so be sure to look for him.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Season 3 Premier of Lost

Tomorrow night (Wednesday) is the premier of season 3 for Lost. I am in this episode. I can't tell you what I am doing you will have to look for me when you watch the show. I will post pictures on Thursday and tell you all what I did. Happy watching.