Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shopping Marathon

I have been spending the last few days just outside Portland OR with my mom and the whole time I have been here we have been shopping for furniture for my new apartment I move into next week in California (I bet you are asking why I am shopping in Portland when I am moving to California well because there is no sales tax in Oregon and we have to drive past Oregon on our way to California anyway). We have to drive our belongings that we put in storage last year when we moved to Hawaii down to California. I all but refused to move our couch we bought used in college for $75 down to California. We already moved this couch, reluctantly, from Colorado to Washington after we graduated. I am not in college anymore and I just want real furniture. In the last three days we bought a new leather couch and love seat, coffee table, end tables, real framed art, a dining room set and little decorations to match our new furniture. I am super excited and feel so grown up.

We have spent the last year living out of the two suite cases we moved to Hawaii with. It has been really weird living out of suite cases for over a year, not really having a home, and being so transient. I don't this to changing anytime soon except we will now just have a home base and an address. I am enjoying this time on my live. It is very exciting and I never get board.

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Jana Carr said...

Mrs. Heather,

Next time you are in my neck of the woods, you'll have to look me up. I would love to see you!!