Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Blogs for Marketing

When I try and explain to people what my job is no one really understands. It is like having the only car dealership in the country and explaining to people why they need a car. Here is a good article in Fortune Magazine that explains why and how blogs can be used for marketing your business.

Monday, December 27, 2004

A tidal wave survivor

The tidal wave that hit many Eastern countries is devastating. A fellow blogger, Evelyn Rodriguez, survived the horrible event and writes about it in her blog.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Words from a Soldier

My friends boyfriend is in the special forces fighting for our freedom over sees while we are at home save at home with our families and friends. He sends out email updates and I thought I would share his email.

"Dec. 17

Figure I would drop you a quick line before you guys start reading the papers or watching CNN...with that..we got hit twice today south of where I am at. Bad guys set up an ambush with a Improvised ExplosiveDevice (IED) and then opened up with Rocket Propelled Genades (RPGs),and machine guns. Bad guys ended up wounded a special forces captain..It wasn't me...but it was still not good for the home team...although we did get some badguys..still a casualty for us is never good, especially with the way papers back home write their stories about us. Always captitalize on the negative and have a tendacy to forget about writing about the goodstuff we are accomplishing over here.

When we were Medavacing him back to the the MASH (Mobile Army SurgicalHospital), it looked like he might lose his foot...but then again ourmodern medicine is a great thing..so hopefully they will be able to save it. On a more positive note, got mail today after the incident. So to all of you guys that are writing me, thank-you very much for the care packages and the letters, they are much appreciated over here. Especially after a day like today. It is definitly good to hear from family and friends back home and know that all of you guys are thinking about us and that we are in your prayers. Well I am going to get some rest while I can, gonna be busy in the next few days. Take care, again, please let everyone know I am very grateful for the words of encouragement and packages from home. And as always miss of you guys much, and looking forward to see everyone when I get back to the states."

Thanks to all the soliders fighting for our freedom.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

My first Christmas in New Jersey went well. I got great presents: a message, Coach bag, clothes, jewelry... and lots more. I was hoping for a puppy but I guess it is for the best, at least until we get a house.

I did miss my family back in Washington today. It is weird spending Christmas without them.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Other bloggers in the family

Ok, the blogging bug has hit the family. Look who's blogging now:
Philly wills http://omnidivers.blogspot.com
Chaun dog http://diggerchronicles.blogspot.com
Jonny pooh http://spaces.msn.com/members/jarthur/

Now the next thing you need to do is go to Feedburner to get an rss feed for your site. This will enable you to register your blog on all the blog search engines, so other people can find your blog site. Once you register at Feedburner they will give you HTML text that you will put in your blog template.

After that register your blog at all the blog search engins so the internet "spiders" will start to recognize your blog as an actual website. This blog has most of the blog search engines and the link to register your new blog.

I can help you if you have questions. Good luck!

Wedding Pictures

Here is a picture from our wedding on May 25, 2003. It is our first kiss.

Our first dance

I don't think there was a dry eye at the Pines Lodge in Beaver Creek that day.

Bubble picture

The famous bubble picture.

Christmas dinner

I just love Christmas. Here is a picture of Christmas dinner last year. IMG08.JPG

Honda's real life robot

It is amazing what Honda is doing. They are far surpassing American technology companies. They have a robot who is so life like that it is kinda scary. Check out their robot, Asimo, in action.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Iraqis Blogging

I think that blogs are so amazing. Check out this article in the Washington Post about a blog written by Iraqis. It is interesting to see a local persons perspective on the war.

A sad Christmas

I am flying to New Jersey tomorrow to spend my first Christmas with the in-laws. This will be a hard Christmas because we lost two great people in my new family, Frank Griffith and the good Grandma. I am very glad that Jon and I can be there for this hard yet joyful time of year.

Missing College

The University of Colorado played in the Big 12 championship against Oklahoma. I wish I could say that Colorado had a chance to win but they were lucky to go. It was an embarassing game to say the least. I remember getting in the car and driving hours or days to watch Colorado play. It is strange not to be in college, or school for that matter. In some ways I miss the ultra liberal Republic of Boulder. The business school was the only place where I could find like minded people, but in a way I enjoyed being different. I just had to keep it a secret that I voted for Bush or some smelly peace loving hippy would beat me up. The funny thing about Boulder is they try so hard to keep big bad developers out and not let the town grow any bigger than it was in 1980. The Omish also stopped changing with the times and look where they are now, driving a horse and buggy. I guess the difference between the Boulderites and the Omish are that the hippys won't give up their Subarus

Blogs are growing

Until recently I was the "average" internet user. I knew the basics, well I thought I knew more, and that was it. I began working for a start up blogging company recently and my eyes were opened to the vast world of the internet. Being only 23, I missed the dot com boom of the 90's but I am beginning to understand their excitement and the possibilities that the internet allows. I am amazed daily at new technologies that are coming forth. The people who survived the boom were the big thinkers, but I guess that is true in most businesses. From a business perspective blogs are going to be just another tool to add to marketers tool belt. Most people don't know what a blog is but this time next year, I believe, they will be just as common as email. Reuters reports that the blog was the number 1 word of the year. It is just the beginning.

First Post

I finally decided to join the rest of the 2% of people blogging. I am not the best writer but since I work for a blogging company I thought I should jump on the bandwagon. It should be interesting.