Saturday, December 25, 2004

Words from a Soldier

My friends boyfriend is in the special forces fighting for our freedom over sees while we are at home save at home with our families and friends. He sends out email updates and I thought I would share his email.

"Dec. 17

Figure I would drop you a quick line before you guys start reading the papers or watching CNN...with that..we got hit twice today south of where I am at. Bad guys set up an ambush with a Improvised ExplosiveDevice (IED) and then opened up with Rocket Propelled Genades (RPGs),and machine guns. Bad guys ended up wounded a special forces captain..It wasn't me...but it was still not good for the home team...although we did get some badguys..still a casualty for us is never good, especially with the way papers back home write their stories about us. Always captitalize on the negative and have a tendacy to forget about writing about the goodstuff we are accomplishing over here.

When we were Medavacing him back to the the MASH (Mobile Army SurgicalHospital), it looked like he might lose his foot...but then again ourmodern medicine is a great hopefully they will be able to save it. On a more positive note, got mail today after the incident. So to all of you guys that are writing me, thank-you very much for the care packages and the letters, they are much appreciated over here. Especially after a day like today. It is definitly good to hear from family and friends back home and know that all of you guys are thinking about us and that we are in your prayers. Well I am going to get some rest while I can, gonna be busy in the next few days. Take care, again, please let everyone know I am very grateful for the words of encouragement and packages from home. And as always miss of you guys much, and looking forward to see everyone when I get back to the states."

Thanks to all the soliders fighting for our freedom.

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