Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Missing College

The University of Colorado played in the Big 12 championship against Oklahoma. I wish I could say that Colorado had a chance to win but they were lucky to go. It was an embarassing game to say the least. I remember getting in the car and driving hours or days to watch Colorado play. It is strange not to be in college, or school for that matter. In some ways I miss the ultra liberal Republic of Boulder. The business school was the only place where I could find like minded people, but in a way I enjoyed being different. I just had to keep it a secret that I voted for Bush or some smelly peace loving hippy would beat me up. The funny thing about Boulder is they try so hard to keep big bad developers out and not let the town grow any bigger than it was in 1980. The Omish also stopped changing with the times and look where they are now, driving a horse and buggy. I guess the difference between the Boulderites and the Omish are that the hippys won't give up their Subarus

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