Thursday, August 31, 2006


Jon and I are finally on (Internet Movie Database). This site is used by people in the business a ton. I use it all the time. Basically on this site you can look up people and see what they have worked on. It is hard to get added but we have finally been added. Now we are just working on getting all of our credits up aka Transformers and Next. We are now official and in history forever. This is pretty cool for us. To view our pages on the site, click here for me and click here for Jon.

I finished stunt driving school today. It was so much fun! I learned some very valuable skills that I will use in my career. We ended the class with 360 turns. Wow what a rush. We were not allowed to take pictures or video so I don't have any to share with everyone. Hopefully I can use what I learned in a movie then you can all watch it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What a Day

My day actually started last night. I took a red eye from Honolulu to LA last night so I could be here in time for driving school today. I barely slept, landed, got my luggage, got gas, changed my cloths in gas station bath room and drove to stunt driving school with only a few minutes to spare. I was so tired because I had only a few hours of sleep on the air plane so at first I was kind of out of it. Once the caffeine kicked in I was having a ball. Stunt driving school was awesome. Most people can throw a car around but being able to do it properly and hit your mark for camera takes practice. I have two more days of class and can't wait.

I left class a few minutes early to actually pick up our new car. We bought it last week but because we were out of town we left the car at the dealership until today. It was so scary and so exciting to drive our brand spanking new car off the dealer lot! I blasted our new Bose stereo system but got explicit instructions I can't enjoy the car (aka drive the car fast) until the car has 400 miles on it. I thought about driving to Vegas to put on the 400 miles sooner but remembered the reason I have a new car in the first place is because the bast#@*s in Vegas stole our old car so I just drove home. I am so sleepy that today just kind of seems like a super fun dream. Stunt driving school and bringing home the new baby (our car) all in the same day, what a great day!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Enjoying Hawaii

I was caught taking an afternoon cat nap here in Hawaii. I just love it here. I fly back to LA on Monday so I can be home in time for stunt driving school which starts on Tuesday. I am so excited for stunt driving school. Jon had a blast when he went in June. Jon will be staying in Hawaii next week because of work.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

SCUBA Diving in Hawaii

Today we went Scuba diving in the North Shore of Oahu at a shore dive called Sharks Cove. As soon as I heard the name every muscle in my body froze. I am terrified of sharks, yes even stuntwoman can be afraid of something but the difference is even though I am afraid I don't let my fear stop me from having a good time.

I had so much fun. Scuba diving is like snorkeling on steroids. We saw lots of cool fish and a few sea turtles, but now sharks. I can't wait to go again. I am going to try to go again this week. I hope it works out.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

We Finally Bought a New Car!

Jon is working the end of this week in Hawaii so I decided to stay in Hawaii for the week to be with Jon instead of flying back to California. I recently got SCUBA certified so I want to try SCUBA diving in Hawaii this week with my spare time. Jon flies out early this week so we will just have fun and play for a few days before he has to work. I have to fly home next Monday because I have driving school starting a week from this Tuesday. I have really enjoyed the past few days in Hawaii. I really love it here. I love that I can run outside instead of running on a treadmill.

We have been shopping for a car since we had our car stolen weeks ago. We finally bought a car today! We were going back and forth on weather to get a new car or a used. In the end we decided on a new car because we negotiated to get $200 below the invoice ( the invoice is what the dealer pays for the car and is thousands less than the MSRP.) We bought an Acura RSX which is a 2 door little sports car that is fast. I really love the car and you can't go wrong with an Acura. I am super happy with it. Jon bought the car today all by himself because I am playing in Hawaii. I have never bought a brand new car but it is super exciting.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Flying to Hawaii

I am flying to Hawaii tomorrow for work. I will be back in LA on Saturday morning. We husseled a few sets this week and we will continue to hussle sets next week. Oh the life of a new stunt person, out there introducing yourself to everyone. Lucky, most everyone knows my dad so at least I have that going for me and I already have a job on Lost.

In the mean time, Jon and I have been spending hours trying to figure out what kind of car to buy. It is a tough decision especially for Jon because cars are so important to him. The problem we are finding in LA is that used cars are not taken care of very well. People basically have to live out of their cars because of the traffic so they end up not treating them very well. We are leaning on buying a new car but we have to park the car on the street which is always scary due to the car dings and other issues. Not sure what we are going to due but hopefully we do something soon. It is hard on the ego driving my grandma's car but I guess I shouldn't complain about a free car to use. I do appreciate it but couldn't she have a BMW instead?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Staying in LA

I have been talking to people lately and a lot of people think we are moving back to Hawaii. Jon and I are staying in LA and only flying to Hawaii when we have to work. That way we can work on other shows here in LA. Speaking of work, I am flying to Hawaii this week for work. It should be fun.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Just a little bull riding

Here are the videos of Jon and I riding the mechanical bull at the cowboy wedding we went to. I was terrible but I had a good time. Jon did a good job.

Friday, August 04, 2006

We were doomed from the beginning

My friend, Eric Yanega, just sent me this article on the most stolen cars last year and 6 of the top 10 were Acura Integras (our car that was stolen) just different years. So, basically we had no hope especially since Jon did so much after market work to the car. I guess this sort of makes me fell better because we had such a desired car. Thanks Eric for the article.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Jon the big time Stunt Coordinator

Jon got his first stunt coordinating job on a national commercial. He flew from Portland last night to be there for rehearsals today. They are filming next week. I guess it is a Tony the Tiger commercial for Mexico.

I am still in Portland because this weekend my step dad is going to certify me in SCUBA. As a stunt person it is important to have as many certifications as possible. Jon is flying back tonight and we will be driving back early next week in our new "barrowed" car. Because my Grandma had a stroke more than likely she won't be able to drive again so we are using her car until we can find a new one. Talk about humble pie, we go from a fast little sports car to literally a grandma car. Oh well, it saves us on getting a rental.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I Love My Family!

We have been in Washington the past week for a wedding but on the way up here my dear grandma went into the hostpital. It ends up she had a stroke. My grandma and I are very close so I was so thankful that I was here in Washington to be here for her. I know she was surprised to see Jon and I. My entire family (except my sister who was in Hawaii) came to see my grandma. It was amazing the amount my family came together for my grandma. My family is so awesome! My aunties feel more like second moms and my cousins feel more like siblings. I feel blessed to have a family that I know will always be there for me.

Here are some pictures from the actual wedding. Jon and I got into the cowboy spirit and had a great time.