Sunday, August 20, 2006

We Finally Bought a New Car!

Jon is working the end of this week in Hawaii so I decided to stay in Hawaii for the week to be with Jon instead of flying back to California. I recently got SCUBA certified so I want to try SCUBA diving in Hawaii this week with my spare time. Jon flies out early this week so we will just have fun and play for a few days before he has to work. I have to fly home next Monday because I have driving school starting a week from this Tuesday. I have really enjoyed the past few days in Hawaii. I really love it here. I love that I can run outside instead of running on a treadmill.

We have been shopping for a car since we had our car stolen weeks ago. We finally bought a car today! We were going back and forth on weather to get a new car or a used. In the end we decided on a new car because we negotiated to get $200 below the invoice ( the invoice is what the dealer pays for the car and is thousands less than the MSRP.) We bought an Acura RSX which is a 2 door little sports car that is fast. I really love the car and you can't go wrong with an Acura. I am super happy with it. Jon bought the car today all by himself because I am playing in Hawaii. I have never bought a brand new car but it is super exciting.

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