Thursday, August 31, 2006


Jon and I are finally on (Internet Movie Database). This site is used by people in the business a ton. I use it all the time. Basically on this site you can look up people and see what they have worked on. It is hard to get added but we have finally been added. Now we are just working on getting all of our credits up aka Transformers and Next. We are now official and in history forever. This is pretty cool for us. To view our pages on the site, click here for me and click here for Jon.

I finished stunt driving school today. It was so much fun! I learned some very valuable skills that I will use in my career. We ended the class with 360 turns. Wow what a rush. We were not allowed to take pictures or video so I don't have any to share with everyone. Hopefully I can use what I learned in a movie then you can all watch it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, why don't you get some pictures on there so that I know that it's really you? Maybe some cool ones of Jon w/ his shirt off or ones with you under a tree. What do we think? Sell it!


acura said...
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