Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What a Day

My day actually started last night. I took a red eye from Honolulu to LA last night so I could be here in time for driving school today. I barely slept, landed, got my luggage, got gas, changed my cloths in gas station bath room and drove to stunt driving school with only a few minutes to spare. I was so tired because I had only a few hours of sleep on the air plane so at first I was kind of out of it. Once the caffeine kicked in I was having a ball. Stunt driving school was awesome. Most people can throw a car around but being able to do it properly and hit your mark for camera takes practice. I have two more days of class and can't wait.

I left class a few minutes early to actually pick up our new car. We bought it last week but because we were out of town we left the car at the dealership until today. It was so scary and so exciting to drive our brand spanking new car off the dealer lot! I blasted our new Bose stereo system but got explicit instructions I can't enjoy the car (aka drive the car fast) until the car has 400 miles on it. I thought about driving to Vegas to put on the 400 miles sooner but remembered the reason I have a new car in the first place is because the bast#@*s in Vegas stole our old car so I just drove home. I am so sleepy that today just kind of seems like a super fun dream. Stunt driving school and bringing home the new baby (our car) all in the same day, what a great day!

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