Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sharks and Mosquitos....

We are currently in the Bahamas for a much needed vacation. We are having a very nice time. The first few days we were the only guests at the resort. It was so crazy! The whole staff was here just to serve us. There is a part of me that felt guilty and I kept thinking so this must be what it feels like to be a billionaire and have staff all the time waiting on you hand and foot. As a pregnant lady it was pretty nice :)

The food has been amazing! Not only is the food great but in fancy places like this they make it look so pretty. It is like you want to take a picture at every meal of your food.

Everyday we have been snorkeling and every snorkel trip we have seen at least one 6 foot long shark! Yikes! And I don't mean from a distance in the boat I mean like I could touch it. On the first day I was staying very close to Jon but for some reason he was far away from me and I look down and about three feet under me was a giant shark. I didn't see him until he was under me cause I was looking down. I calming yell shark then put my face back in the water to watch what the shark was doing (I heard it is not good to swim from a shark if they are swiming at you) and start to swim towards the boat. The shark was headed right towards Jon and the guide.

A few moments later when the shark swims past the boys the guide says it is only a nurse shark but that is the first shark he has seen since working at the resort. Once I found out it was a nurse shark I felt a bit better. The next day we are snorkeling around a blue hole and out of the middle of the hole swims another giant shark. I look at the guide to see if it was a human eater or not and he started to swim for the shark so I knew I was "safe". It is still scary/exciting to see a large shark in the wild. (The above picture is a nurse shark, pretty scary to see if you don't know what kind of shark it is)

The one downfall to this resort is the bugs. They are loving me. I have 87 mosquito bites on one arm! (Jon counted :) I can't use the regular bug spray cause I am pregnant so I have to use the all natural kind which obviously doesn't work. They also have sand flies so my legs look like I have the chicken pocks. Despite the bug bites we are really having a great time.

Today Jon is scuba diving and I must say I am sad I can't go (cause I am pregnant). I am however getting a massage. I must say again I am not one that likes being pregnant especially on vacation. I can't have an evening cocktail, I can't use bug spray, I can't scuba dive, I don't want my picture taken cause I feel fat (I know I am not fat I am pregnant but still)....oh well only a few more weeks (like 10)...

We really needed this vacation to get ready for baby coming and for Jon to unwind from work and get regenerated to start work again June 13.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Babymoon/Anniversary Trip

Eight years ago today I married my best friend and wow has it been such a fun adventure! I feel so blessed to be married to someone who loves life as much as me. Weather we were homeless and just had our second car stolen or own 2 houses with a Porsche in the garage it hasn't mattered we have been happy through it all!

A year and a half ago we did a photo shoot for this amazing resort in the Bahamas. Part of our payment was a weeks paid trip back, but we had to use this before baby comes. This Friday when Jonny finishes shooting Wipeout and we are leaving to Bahamas to use our stay. This resort is really great and we are so excited for some down time. Here is the link to Tiamo Resort http://www.tiamoresorts.com/ (if you look on the site you can see us in some of the pictures from the shoot). After our week at Tiamo we are headed to Hawaii for a week to see family and just enjoy Hawaii. After that I am no allowed to travel anymore before baby is born so this is our last trip just us for awhile. As much as I am excited for our trip I am not looking forward to being 7 months pregnant traveling.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Well a lot has happened since I last wrote. Jonny and I were surprised the day after Christmas with the news I was pregnant. I woke up Christmas night starving, I mean like I hadn't eaten in weeks. I woke up the next day and said something just isn't right. Anyway we got the pink line. No this wasn't planned although we had talked about maybe starting a family in the next year or two. Well I guess God had different plans. I am due at the end of August with a little boy.

We are getting excited but let me tell you it took us a few months to get here. We really have an amazingly fun life. Between travel, work and our crazy social life figuring out how a baby was going to fit in hard. But I say God gives you 9 months to get ready for the changes. We are now getting very excited and look forward to meeting our son.

I however am not one who likes being pregnant. The first trimester I was soooooo sick. I mean I didn't get out of bed for 6 weeks. It was really crazy. I finally started to feel better but as an athlete it is so hard not being able to do the things you have always done. I am not just talking about the no drinking (although that sucks too) but I can't work at all or do sports to the level I was.

I am 6 months pregnant and still exercising but am really surprised how everyday that gets harder. Everyday baby boys is more active and everyday I get more winded doing normal activities. The crazy thing is I know it is going to get worse before it gets better.

For the next few months I will be sharing my pregnant thoughts on my blog since, well I am not working.

As for work, I was in the movie Priest that came out this last weekend and both Jonny and I worked on Fast 5 that came out two weeks ago. I also worked on Pirates 4 that comes out this week. I was one of the mermaids. Jonny is super busy with Wipeout which is just about finished filming for the season. He has also been super busy working on producing a few other shows with some of the Wipeout people as well as some other friends. It is looking very promising for him. It is weird that neither of us are really doing stunt right now. I know we both miss stunts but right now it just isn't in our cards. (pictures: me at 6 months pregnant and baby boy at 5 months in my bellY)