Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pumpkin Lattes

Sometimes living in Hawaii I feel like I am living in another country. When I flew into Hololulu for work this week, I passed a Starbucks at the air port that was advertising pumpkin lattes. Let me tell you how much I LOVE pumpkin lattes. We didn't have time to stop so I figured I would just stop by one of the many stores in the city.

The first store we went to didn't have pumpkin lattes, neither did the third, forth or fifth store. I was noticing a patter so I asked the fifth store about it. Come to find out all the Starbucks here are franchise stores, except the stores in the air ports and at Barnes and Nobel.

My next mission was to find a Barnes and Nobel. At this point it was do or die. We were on a mission to find the drink. I began calling around to find the nearest B and N to see if they indeed had the pumpkin lattes. After many calls I finally found one store that had my pumpkin late, so we jumped in the car to get our lattes.

This makes me scared. Will Starbucks here have the ginger bread lattes for the winter time or will it be another hunt to get my favorite seasonal drink? I bring this up because these little things make me remember that I am not on the main land any more, but then I step outside in the 80 degree weather and say I can sacrifice my pumpkin lattes for the palm trees, at least for now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Staying Busy

Even though I have not been "working" this week I have been staying busy riding motorcycles and doing car stuff, getting ready for upcoming stunts. I just love my job.

Did you know you can now download Lost episodes on to your IPOD? It is true. For $2 you can purchase season two episodes and download the episode on to your IPOD and take it with you. The picture quality is just awesome. Technology is amazing. (You can also do this for Desperate Housewives!)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hawaiian Culture

Yesterday I got my Hawaiian driver's licenses. I was so nervous because I had to take the written test again and it had been a while since I had to take the written test. I think the hardest part was filling out the information for my license. For the first time I had say "brunette" not "blonde" on my description. It was very sad. I still miss my blonde hair :(

Today I went to a traditional Hawaiian funeral. I really felt like I was in another country. No one wore black, everyone wore aloha shirts (brightly colored flowered shirts) and it was outside under a tent. I didn't eat before I went because I know how much the Hawaiian's like their food. We sat next to the food so the whole time I was smelling the food just starving. I couldn't wait until we could eat. Once it was time to eat and they unveiled the food I thought I was going to cry. I didn't recognize any of it except the white rice. There was some purple stuff that looked like purple slime, trite stew (for those of you like me who don't know what trite is, it is intestines, ummm... intestine stew), poke (marinated raw fish), sushi (more raw fish), whole deep fried fish, whole fried tiny crabs that looked like fried spiders and on and on. Seriously, I was so hungry but yet I couldn't bring my self to eat it. So what did I do, I piged out on the desserts, all of which I recognized.

After I made my self sick on sugar, I sat and listened to luau style music. It was great. I kept thinking, tourists would pay big bucks to experience this real Hawaiian culture. The people were great and immediately made you feel like family. It was great fun but I now know that I should eat before I go to another traditional Hawaiian event.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

R & R

We flew back to Kona (the big island) last night because we don't work for the rest of the week. We are home for a much needed rest. My joints are hurting a little and my scraps and bruises need to heal.

Today we spent most of the day doing paper work that we have been neglecting for the past month. It is nice to have a few days off so we can catch up. It is much more fun doing stunts but I guess we need to do the other boring stuff too.

I am in the next episode of Lost but it doesn't look like they are going to air that next week because they are showing reruns of the first couple of shows. I think the new one, episode 6, will be on in 3 weeks. This is good for us that they are re-running some of the shows because that means we get paid again 100% when they re-run the show that we are in with in a year. Yeah! So you will have to wait to see the new episodes but they are worth waiting for.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Answered Prayers

As I mentioned, I went surfing for my first time on Friday. It was great fun. I didn’t fall once. At the end of the wave I would just sit down on the board and paddle back out. I tell you what, I have a lot more respect for surfers now. My arms were so tired.

I was sitting on the porch this morning looking at Sunset beach, just thinking how blessed I am to be living in Hawaii working on a great show, doing stunts for the two leading ladies. Here is a picture of a rainbow I saw while on set. It is just beautiful. Everyday I thank God for answering my prayers. I had a simple prayer a year ago, I don’t care where I moved to I just wanted palm trees. He defiantly answered my prayer.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

All Bloodied up

We have had such a busy week. It has been hard to find time to post to my blog. I am headed to work for some night shoots. Here are two pictures of Jon and I after we went through make up. It was fun to be all bloody.

Tomorrow Jon and I are not working and a stunt guy from California who was working on the show this week is going to teach me how to surf and help Jon become a better surfer. He has taught many celebrities how to surf (like Brittany Spears) so he knows his stuff. I will write more when I have some time. Until then, Cheers!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Beat Up

I had a long day of doing stunts, ie getting beat up, flung around, dirty, scrapped up and loving every minute of it. I had a bit of a scare today when I was doing a stunt and another guy rolled over my knee, praise God I am flexible other wise I would be hurt.

I work again tomorrow, Friday and next Monday. I am busy this episode. Doing stunts is fun but as I was being tossed around today I thought, "I wouldn't want to do this when I am 50" but for now, it rocks. I have some good pictures that I will post once this episode airs.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lost last night

Sorry I didn't get a chance to write yesterday informing everyone that our first stunts aired last night on Lost. I don't think it looked as exciting on TV as they were in person but none the less it was fun to see ourselves falling through the air.

Jon was doubling Desmond when he tripped and fell down the hill when Jack was chasing him (at the very end of the show).And I was doubling Ana Lucia when she was thrown into the pit. We won't be on camera again until episode 6 (last night was episode 3). Thanks for those of you guys who watch the show. It is fun to have cheerleaders out there.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jonny the surfer

I just couldn't resist putting up this picture. We were at Sunset beach watching the sunset and Jonny decided to "catch a few waves". Isn't he a cuttie!

Closing a door, but opening another

As of Friday, I am exclusively a stunt woman. I was holding on to my computer job I had when I lived in Seattle, but as time went on and I began to do more stunts it became hard to do both. It was a mutual decision to split ways last week. I will, however, still be a consultant to them for a while during the transition.

This is kind of scary, yet very exciting. I have never felt more alive than when I am dangling from the trees or falling down hills. Heck, I would do it even if they weren't paying me. When I was younger I always heard, find what you love to do and then do it as your career. There are a lot of uncertainties in the movie industry and like any other job there are the down sides, but I have to follow my passion and my heart right now. I am not sure if this is what I will do forever, but I am enjoying the ride right now.

I just want to look back and say "I followed my dreams and held nothing back." I don't know what God has in store for Jon and I but I feel like this is what we should be doing. Thanks for all you prayers and support. The adventure continues...