Thursday, October 20, 2005

R & R

We flew back to Kona (the big island) last night because we don't work for the rest of the week. We are home for a much needed rest. My joints are hurting a little and my scraps and bruises need to heal.

Today we spent most of the day doing paper work that we have been neglecting for the past month. It is nice to have a few days off so we can catch up. It is much more fun doing stunts but I guess we need to do the other boring stuff too.

I am in the next episode of Lost but it doesn't look like they are going to air that next week because they are showing reruns of the first couple of shows. I think the new one, episode 6, will be on in 3 weeks. This is good for us that they are re-running some of the shows because that means we get paid again 100% when they re-run the show that we are in with in a year. Yeah! So you will have to wait to see the new episodes but they are worth waiting for.

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