Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We are in Washington State with my family enjoying the Christmas season. We are having an amazing time. Last night we went sledding with my cousins and after our wonderful dinner we sang Christmas songs by the fire. It was picture perfect! 

Getting to Washington was quite an adventure. The Pacific Northwest got dumped on with snow last weekend. We were suppose to fly in Sunday night but along with every other flight our flight got canceled. We were rescheduled to fly out Monday. Due to airport delays it took us 14 hours to get to my mom's house. Which included waiting two and half hours at the airport for our luggage which never came. On the way from the the airport to my mom's house the chains on the car broke which added to our already long day. 

The next day Jon went back to the airport and they found his bag, however they never found mine. They still don't know where my bags are 5 days later.  The next day Jon was at the store shopping for toiletries and our credit card got denied. I called the credit card company and they wanted to confirm some recent charges. It ends up someone in Florida has been using our credit card. Merry Christmas! Lost bags and stolen credit cards. Gotta love the season. 

In the end I am just super happy to have made it home. You can't beat sledding and fires with carols!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Up coming movies

Jon and I both have movies we doubled lead actors in coming out this coming spring. Both of these movies just released the trailers.

Jon doubled Paul Rudd in the upcoming comedy I Love you Man which looks very funny. Here is the trailer for the movie, click here to watch. He did his hardest stunt to date in this movie. I can't tell you what it is but you will have to watch the movie to see.

I worked for about two months on a movie called Obsessed starting Beyonce and the girl I doubled, Ali Larter. I did my hardest stunts to date in this movie I can't tell you what they all are but you can see a taste of them in the trailer. In the trailer you can see me get thrown to the ground by Beyonce, falling through the ceiling and a few other things. If you want to watch the trailer click here.