Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wish I was at the Rodeo

Every Labor Day weekend growing up was spent in my home town , Ellensburg WA, at the 25th largest Rodeo, The Ellesnburg Rodeo. I haven't been back since I graduated high school. Every year I keep trying to get back but every year something comes up and I am not able to make it. This year was no exception.

I would love to take my husband from New Jersey because he has never been to a Rodeo and it was such a big part of my life growing up. I wonder if it would be as fun now that I don't have to sneak into the beer garden and that I am an adult. Someday I will get back. Perhaps it will work out next year.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am in!

It is official, as of today I am a member of the elite stunt group, United Stuntwomen’s Association. The members are made up of some of the top stuntwoman in the business including amazing legends like Jeannie Epper who doubled Wonder Woman way back when, Shauna Duggins who doubled Jennifer Garner in Alias and Electra, Stacey Carino who doubled Meagan Fox in Transformers, Debbie Evans who is the best stunt driver (male of female) in business (she did the driving for Angelina Jolie in Wanted) and many more. It is an honor to be a member of this group. Feel free to check out our website at: I am not up there yet since I just got in today.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Emmy Party

On Saturday night we went to an Emmy Party to Celebrate those nominated for best stunt coordinator. We went last year and it was so much fun and this year was no different. The party had a 1920's theme so a lot of people dressed up as mobsters and flappers. There was a live swing band that Jon and I took full advantage of. We danced to much and had such a great time.

Today I worked on The Sarah Connor Chronicles doubling a guest star girl. It was a fun stunt but a stinger. Jon is at the Dodgers game tonight. He is getting spoiled with VIP tickets that include all you can eat and drink. It should be fun.

We have been working so much lately which is great but we have had little time to enjoy the summer, so tomorrow we are doing to the beach to enjoy the sunshine. I am super excited except my body is a little bruised from some stunts so I look like a battered wife in a bathing suit which I think is so funny!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Earthquakes and Work

I know the earthquake was a few days ago but I haven't had a chance until now to write about it. I was leaving my chiropractor's office (every stuntman has one) I was on the top floor of a building and before I went down the elevator I decided to use the restroom. I was on the toilet when the quake hit and because I was in a tall building the rocking and rolling was accentuated. I jumped off the toilet and went back to the doctors office because you never know if the earthquake is going to get bigger and I didn't want to get stuck in the bathroom. Had I not used the restroom I would be in the elevator when the quake hit. I guess my small bladder helped me. Kinda funny place to be when an earthquake hits.

I am doing some water stuff this week for work and I have to jump off a 20 ft plat form into water. When I was younger I use to jump off bridges so it is funny that bridge jumping has ended up being work training.

When Jon was younger he was a junior cadet for the police which paid off this week. Jon was the stunt coordinator for a low budget movie and ended up also being the technical adviser for the police. Here is a picture of Jon and a some stunt guys he hired for his movie.