Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Emmy Party

On Saturday night we went to an Emmy Party to Celebrate those nominated for best stunt coordinator. We went last year and it was so much fun and this year was no different. The party had a 1920's theme so a lot of people dressed up as mobsters and flappers. There was a live swing band that Jon and I took full advantage of. We danced to much and had such a great time.

Today I worked on The Sarah Connor Chronicles doubling a guest star girl. It was a fun stunt but a stinger. Jon is at the Dodgers game tonight. He is getting spoiled with VIP tickets that include all you can eat and drink. It should be fun.

We have been working so much lately which is great but we have had little time to enjoy the summer, so tomorrow we are doing to the beach to enjoy the sunshine. I am super excited except my body is a little bruised from some stunts so I look like a battered wife in a bathing suit which I think is so funny!

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