Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Blogs are growing

Until recently I was the "average" internet user. I knew the basics, well I thought I knew more, and that was it. I began working for a start up blogging company recently and my eyes were opened to the vast world of the internet. Being only 23, I missed the dot com boom of the 90's but I am beginning to understand their excitement and the possibilities that the internet allows. I am amazed daily at new technologies that are coming forth. The people who survived the boom were the big thinkers, but I guess that is true in most businesses. From a business perspective blogs are going to be just another tool to add to marketers tool belt. Most people don't know what a blog is but this time next year, I believe, they will be just as common as email. Reuters reports that the blog was the number 1 word of the year. It is just the beginning.

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