Thursday, November 10, 2005


It is always interesting to work on a scene and then see how they edit the scene together. In case you didn't see me on the show I was on the side of the mountain when they were passing Sawyer in the stretcher. It was a fun scene to work on that took two days of work, one day of rehearsal and one day of filming which turned out to be about 10 seconds on show.

Jon and our friend Mike Trisler were the riggers for the shot, meaning they put us all in harnesses and tied us up safely to the trees incase we fell. They did a great job. Here are a few pictures from the two days of work. (Top Picture: Me in custom working on the shot, Middle Picture: Me and Mike Trisler testing the length of my rope, Next Picture: Jon, Mike Trisler and Rand working on the rigging day, Bottom Picture: Jon and Mike Rigging)


kurt said...

I saw that on the show last night!!! good job

Megan said...

I'm Kurt's wife and I've been keeping up with your page its amazing!!! and I also saw the show last night and you did a great job! It's so awesome that you get to be a stunt women for LOST. That's Kurt's and my favorite show! :O)