Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our New Dog...

Not sure what possesed us but Jon and I got a new dog but she is not just any dog she is staring in the upcoming movie I love You Man. You may have seen her in the previews but if not she is a super cute puggle that is about the same age as the puggle we already have. We got her today on a trail basis to see how she fits into our family. We have an agreement with the studio that she is our dog unless they need her for another movie and in that case she would work and then come home after the show. She is our movie star dog. If you want to see the trailer she is in click on the image below.

The best part of the story is Jon doubled the star of I Love You Man, Paul Rudd. Unfortunatly they cut most all of his stunts out but you will be able to see them on the deleted scenes on the DVD. Jon actually met our new dog on the movie set last year. Strange how small this business is. Her name was Jewel but we changed it to Cali for California. She is our California girl. Make sure you go see the new movie I love You Man that opens March 20 to see Cali and Jon!

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