Monday, May 21, 2007

Work Yesterday and our first Stunt Awards

I had an interesting day of work yesterday. We were filming a car chase scene and I was riding passenger in a Shelby Mustang GT. We were coming hot around a corner and the driver lost the back end of the car and we smashed the back end into a cement column. The back window exploded on impact and the car buckled in half (we hit hard, I mean hard). This was not a planned car crash. I felt the car lose control and I braced my self for the crash. I think that is why I ended up relatively unscathed. I guess this is why they use stunt doubles, even if it is just riding passenger.

I was able to get off work early enough to show up about 15 minutes late to the stunt awards. I was so happy I was able to be there at all. I had such a great time. The after party was amazing! There was an open bar (of course), an incredible spread of food, and a live band. I was surprised at how many people I actually know after only being in the business for a short time. We had a great time at our first red carpet event. I can't wait for next year.

(The first picture is of Jon and I on the red carpet at the stunt awards. The second pictures is the same day when I was at work in wardrobe and makeup in front of the car I was in that we crashed accidentally)

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Erin Smith said...

thats so awesome that you got to go! I had my fingers crossed for you!