Sunday, May 06, 2007

Martial Arts Explorer

Last fall when my dad left Lost he began working on a self created project called Martial Arts Explorer which is a documentary style TV show. Basically, they travel around the world studying different types of martial arts. It was an idea he began thinking of years ago but it wasn't until last year that everything began falling together. He was able to raise enough money to shoot the pilot. He was the director and executive producer of the TV show. My sister also worked as an associate producer.

Now he is working on selling the TV show to a network. If you would like to watch a 7 minute promotional video on his show click here. This is what he is presenting to different networks.

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Heather's Brain said...

Hey Heather, THAT WAS AWESOME! I sure do hope it gets picked up soon, I WANT TO WATCH IT! I tried to leave a message saying I would like an update regarding the release...but it wouldn't post!

I do hope it all works out, it seems to be a very well made and passionate project!!!