Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Work is Moving Right Along

We have had a phenomenal past couple of weeks as far as work is concerned. Today I had an interview with a stuntwoman's group. Basically there are three groups of stuntwoman with about 20 members in each group making up the top 60 stuntwoman in the business. I am being considered for the great honor of joining one of these groups of top notch stuntwoman. I can't even say how excited I am to even be considered after only being in stunts for a year and half. I feel so honored. I have to get letters of recommendations for stunt coordinators and some other information then I have to be voted in by the members. Pray that I get in. Even if I don't I am just happy to be considered.

The short movie that Jon is coordinating is shooting on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The big fight is on Sunday. He just got a call today to cover the set of a feature movie out in New York for a few days early next week. So he isn't able to coordinate the short on Monday and Tuesday because he will be working in NY so what does that mean... I am will be coordinating the last two days of the the movie. This is my first time being the boss and I am a little nervous. We aren't doing anything super hard but still.

I am getting new head shots today since I have changed my hair color since I got my last ones taken. Tonight I have rehearsals for an upcoming stunt fight then tomorrow I fly out to WA for a few days to see family and attend a bridal shower on Saturday. I fly back on Saturday night in time for work on Sunday morning. Busy busy. I couldn't be happier!

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Erin Smith said...

Oh good luck with the stuntwomen thing! You must be so excited!

You must be really good for them to be considering you so soon. Thats awesome. =)