Sunday, September 30, 2007


I worked last Friday as a high school student on 12 Miles of Bad Road which is a new show for HBO. I can't tell you how happy I was playing a high school student being that I am 26. It was pretty fun. I was a stunt actress ie playing myself and not doubling anyone but I had no lines. The other actors were so nice and we had a really fun day of work.

This weekend Jon worked on a movie playing a solider for a friend of ours who is directing a movie and trying to get his start as a director. I think he had a fun time.

I am working most of this week on the Sarah Connor Chronicles doubling one of the leading ladies. I am the second unit double and have been able to get some good work on that show. This show is a mid season replacement on FOX so hopefully it does well. On Thursday and Friend my dad was hired by the stunt coordinator to be the fight coordinator. I am looking forward to working with my dad again.

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