Friday, September 21, 2007

Working and Training

It feels like fall is in the air even in California. I love the hot weather but I am so happy it isn't 112 degrees everyday anymore. My dad has been visiting which has been great because I have been capitalizing on him being here. We have been doing martial art lessons in the park and I have loved it.

I am working today on a mid season replacement show based on the Terminator movies call The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It is always exciting to work on a new show. When I went to set to see if I was a good double the director of the episode they were filiming was an old camera guy on Lost who became one of the directors. A few of the other crew working on the show were people I have worked with on other shows. What a very small business.


Heather's Brain said...

Hey there,
I was wondering about your dad. Didn't he have a project going on for a martial arts show? I haven't heard much more...let us know!

Heather Arthur said...

He is still working on trying to sell the pilot. It is hard to sell a show and it takes time. He has a few other shows he is also working on trying to sell as well as movies to stunt coordinate. In this business we have to keep knocking on doors until one opens. We always have our hands in a few projects hoping to get at least one off the ground. When he does sell something I will be sure to share with you all. Cheers!