Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Training Continues

We are continuing to spend our time training and trying new skills. This week we did the air ram for the first time. An air ram (picture to the left) is a piece of equipment used in stunts a ton. Typically you step on the air ram and it shoots you in the air. They are used in explosions, fights and lots of other stunts. Here is a great web site that shows the facility where we trained and more pictures of air rams.

We also continued working on our high falls. This week we learned how to do a header which is a high fall where you fall face first and at the last second flip to your back. This is harder than just jumping and falling because if you don't flip you land on your neck and you could really hurt yourself. It is easy to dive into water but it a whole differnt story to ask your body to fall face first into a solid object. It has been a fun week.

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