Thursday, June 01, 2006

High Falls and Car Chases

Today we went to a stunt training facility where you can practice and learn different stunt skills. Jon and I did our first high falls there. We climbed these towers and jumped into giant crash pads. I loved it! I was really made to do this stuff. There is training every Thursday and Saturday morning at this place. We had to leave early because we were invited to visit the set of Next a movie that will come out next year. This is part of what new stunt people do to introduce themselves to stunt coordinators. I met some of my dad's old friends, which was really cool.

On the way to the set we were caught in the middle of a real life LA car chase. As we were driving 10 police cars passed us then pulled in front of us (literally right in front of us, we were the first car after the cop car) and stopped and pulled there guns out, big guns. The freeway got shut down and the road had cop cars blocking it. Wow, was it exciting to be so up close. So what did I do, I pulled my camera out and video recorded the whole thing. It was awesome! Here is a picture from the event. You can see how close we were to the action. This was taken after they got the guy.


Jersey Mom said...

I'm very glad I didn't know about the jumps until after the fact!!!!

Dad said...

Heather Bear, I am so proud of you . Yes, you were born to do stunts, you are one of the most natural stuntwoman I've ever worked with. I am looking forward to another great season working with you on "LOST".