Thursday, January 04, 2007

Going Blonde...again

As with actors, when stunt people change their appearance it can have an effect on work. Until last August I had been a blond my whole life. I colored my hair last August brown so I would be not have to be wigged when I doubled Michelle and Evi. I have been missing my blond hair ever since and have decided to go back to being a blond. Before I took the plunge I talked to the very lovely hair people on Lost to see if it was ok. They said no problem and that they can use a mouse to darken my hair temporally when I work.

In LA you go to a colorist only, not just a regular hair person. So, I consulted my hair colorist (at John Frieda Salon in LA) and he said we have to do it in stages so I don't ruin my hair. I just finished stage 2 of three. I am finally starting look blond again (it looks a little warm still). Yeah! Once I am the color I want I will have to get new head shots which kinda sucks. However, blonds really do have more fun!


Christopher said...

So does that me we have to halt the blond jokes now...Oh c'mon, at least one more! Ok what do you call a skeleton in a closet?.........Ready for this one?

Winner of the 1997 blond girls' house hide n' seek competition.

Erin Smith said...

I thought you looked nice when it was brown. I guess you're one of those lucky people who can pull any hair colour. Unlike me. It's nice the lost people let you dye it back.