Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Robbed again...

This time it is not our new car it is my identity. I found out today that someone has been using my social security number in California for the past five years for work purposes. I had to go down to the social security office and prove that my social security number is mine. Bastards! I am so over people steeling things from me.

So let me just recap the last 18 months of having stuff stolen:
  1. We had $8,000 worth of stuff stolen when our car was broken into in Hawaii
  2. We had our car stolen
  3. We had another car stolen (the one we bought to replace the other one that got stolen)
  4. My identity
Is it just me or do we get things stolen more than most? Please let me know because if this happens to everyone that is just crazy.

1 comment:

Jana said...

Still just my entire wardrobe on a Vegas trip, but never my car. Maybe when I marry Mike I can give you my car as a back up. My guesss is you could leave just about anything in it and no one would touch it!! Sure hate that I missed you guys at Christmas.