Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I am not kidding when I say this, we had our band spanking new car....STOLEN!!!!! last night. I went out to where the car should be this morning and the car was gone. We searched the neighborhood just to make sure we didn't forget where we parked it and yes it is gone gone gone! We just filed a police report and filed our claim with our insurance. I guess it is back to the humble-mobile, grandma's car. I will keep you all updated. I just really can't believe it. Oh for those who don't remember we just had our last car stolen only two months ago and this new car was the replacement for the last one we had stolen.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe you. Is it April 1st? Nope. That is CRAZY, Crazy H! I'm in shock.

Stop buying Acuras! Love you guys.


Jana Carr said...

No way kiddos! I thought my life sucked when I moved from the East coast out to this other coast and broke my leg, got my suitcase stolen in Vegas, etc. I kept thinking life was on the attack for me. So, I bought a red suitcase instead of a black one and now I never check anything without them prying it out of white knuckled hand. I'm so sorry guys. It might be better to stick with grandma!! Love ya!


Heather's Brain said...

Heather and Jon...although I do not know you guys I feel like over the past several months I have been "let in" if you will. I am so sorry to hear this has happened again! I only have this to say...no one will steal grandma's car so stick with that! You get plenty of ego sustaining speed on set!
I will continue to read your posts and be so very happy for your successes! I know you both will go far!
Heather in Montana

Chaun said...

Heather Grandma needs her car back, so figure out which one of you is going to drive it up here - should be done before snow cold etc.

Heather Arthur said...

Chaun, grandma can get her car back just as soon as she can see well enough to read the paper.

Thanks for the nice words Heather's brain. I guess we will have to stick with Grandam's car until we get the insurance thing figured out.

Chaun said...

Apparently it has more to do with WHAT you drive than WHERE you live - at least that's what I have been told. As a tip be wary of cars that are popularized in movies etc. and in turn in great demand by the hoodlum youth. When you bring grandma's car back I can show you a nice Lexus sedan in you price range.

Tyler Knott said...

I think it's time to buy a Subaru or something like that. Something everyone and their gangsta neighbor doesn't want to steal.

Heather Arthur said...

Good idea. I like the Subaru WRX. They are fast but before I buy anything I am checking into how often they get stolen.